IOS App for nrf51 and fw v5.01

Are there any IOS apps that are working with nrf51 bluetooth modules and fw v5.01? I’ve tried xmatic and eSkate VESC and neither of them support the configuration that I have. The metr app doesn’t seem to be able to scan and detect the flipsky nrf51 bluetooth module.

Think You’re out of luck you can try buying a METR module it’s the best app for iOS anyways

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ask over in the Stormcore IOS app thread… @sofu is developing the app… will work IoS, will work FW5.01, nrf51… I’m not sure, and lazy… but I’d guess yes…

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Thank you! I’ve seen some posts around about the development of that app. Definitely will check it out

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i set the n00b straight @sofu!!!

Best app currently on the App Store* for iOS , I look forward to using your app in the future upon release !

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