International skate club (board shipping list)

TITLE OF KILLER EVENT THAT’S HAPPENING “international skate club”

  • where it is happening

  • When it is happening
    When ever the hell you want!

  • what is required
    Cool trusted members

  • who is responsible for this travesty of over indulgence
    Those who apply

  • is it free or does it costs all the monies
    It cost the time needed to ride! (TBD)

Ok people I’ve been pondering this for a while. I’d like to create a list of confirmed, known & trusted members who will sponsor their address as a place to ship your board when traveling to their city.

As a global vagabond I know the importance and desire of needing my board (that’s why I had @longhairedboy build my travel board). However, many people don’t have travel boards and I’d certainly like my big boards on some trips so I propose this to the community …

  1. we create a list of volunteers in different cities all over the world that will receive members boards who are traveling to nearby cities.
    A) as a community we set standards that these volunteers must meet in order to be considered for their city that is certified by our overlords in the form of a badge as well as a name on the list

    B) we find a lawyer member of our community who is willing to write the bloody fucking unnecessarily necessary documents to protect these members when people ship them a $500-$5k toy across the globe

  2. we create a non monetary form of payment as a reward to these wonderful people (group rides with members we wouldn’t otherwise meet!!!)

  3. we set requirements that people shipping the boards to our volunteers must meet
    A) shipping insurance
    B) liability wavers

  4. we open up the sport of esk8 to the world!!!

Preliminary Volunteers

** USA
Washington DC/ Baltimore @Ace
Cincinnati @Venom121212
NYC @jack.luis
Portland @DerelictRobot @SeanHacker
Nashville @abusfullofnuns
Denver @J0ker

London @Halbj613

Belgrade @EreTroN

The French Fucking Alps (god that’s got to be cool to skate) @PixelatedPolyeurthan
Marseille/South of France @Vanarian


Ps. I volunteer to be Washington DC/ Bmore


happy to host london if anyone wants


I’ll gladly do Belgrade, Serbia. I am sure it’s not in a Top 3 places to visit for majority here, but hey… Who knows.

We have a plenty of vaccine here for free so actually a lot of foreign people are traveling to Belgrade just to get a vacc now.

And also I am dying to ride with someone for years :joy:


Rip me too.

I’m happy to do East of France! French Alpes ect…
PS it’s a great summer holiday place!


was at alpe de huez 2 years ago and going there (french alpes) again this year (prob)


You can some sleep in our concrete bunker :slightly_smiling_face:

Alpes de huez is really friggen close, keep me updated. I need to meet this prodigy


im desperate


Cincinnati, Ohio… Represented.

… If anyone ever comes here


I volunteer as tribute for the NYC district. Only condition is I get to look at your builds and steal all your ideas


That’s a cool idea :heart:

I’ll propose my place as checkpoint in Marseille/South of France as long as you’re prepared to commit to Mojito and ride during your vacation :sunglasses:

Beautiful roads between sea and mountains and offroad hiking paths are keywords around here!

@PixelatedPolyeurthan that makes 2 French regions covered haha what is rest of the world doing!


Portland, Oregon represent.

Great initiative @Ace


I’m a piece of shit. But I think I could handle this… Portland, Oregon.

This is awesome dude!


Nashville checking in. Pretty much mark me for most of the southeast. Would be glad to help out someone traveling. I’ve had lots of help traveling to mtn bike and it can be the difference in a good trip and a bad one.


Denver, Colorado here


So now we know folks are willing to accept the boards, how are we going to vett these guys? Are we getting mr @longhairedboy involved?

@longhairedboy & @jamie should definitely weigh in


Rockford, IL

(About an hour away from Chicago)

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I think their position is going to have to be “you are sending at your own risk.”

There’s not a lot they can do as moderators of an internet forum to keep you from getting your board stolen.


I think what we want is something unofficial. Maybe put a poll up with everyone’s names and people can vote only if they truly trust this person and met them in real life? Maybe folks can reply with an anecdote or story of an interaction that led to their trust?

For example, I vote on @Ace and reply to the poll saying “I’ve met him in person multiple times as well as his wonderful wife. Also a lot of my friends also know him in person and is well regarded in our social circles” etc etc etc

I dont wanna put mods in the position of having to vett people officially.