Infinite build | Dickyho mounts | dual 6354 200kv | Dual Maytech vesc | Caliber 2's | 2x Zippy 5000mah 3s in series | HX-6S-A06 rev 1 BMS | 83mm flywheel clones | Meepo style enclosures

After years of struggling with non-esk8 parts ont his build I got all new hardware fro Dickyho and am looking forward to finally ride this thing like it’s supposed to.

I mounted the motors but I’m a little unsure about the wire placement and on how to tighten the belt since the bolts are hidden behind the motor pulley

I’m currently having issues fitting the vesc’s inside the meepo style esc enclosure. The measurements would have made it seem they would fit but wire stiffness and connector size are making it a little difficult. I was thinking of using the aluminum heatsink plate, but it is a little tight so I took it out. Still I’m unsure on what to do with the motor wires and how to route them.

I was wondering if it was possible to hook up the battery indicator used by the chinese esc’s included with the enclosure to the vesc


I can’t say is a good solution but you can file small notches on either side of the ESC enclosure for the wires to come out from, that way they don’t bend as much. That indicator only works with the cheap ESCs

You can buy one of the ebay battery indicators that works for 6s batteries, then you solder it onto the positive and negative terminal of the xt-connector that goes to the battery.

I’ve completed initial assembly, waiting on the can bus wire and the hm 10 bluetooth module connector. I couldn’t get the vesc’s to fit in the enclosure so I used the old tool box I used previously, not the best but I’ll replace it eventually, meanwhile I can tune the settings. First test ride was a success. I’m planning on building a volt meter I can plug into the charge port of the bms for testing voltage, as well as getting telemetry via bluetooth. I’m currently using a 20/36t pulley setup and it seems plenty tourquey and fast even for pretty steep slopes

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I fit 2 vesc 4.12 with a loopkey in the Wowgo ESC enclosure by putting it diagonally a bit. Maybe that might work for yours! Nice build :smiley:

After losing my mind on this board, building a vacuum forming table and failing at making an enclosure I’ve decided to only use one motor, with a 15/36t belt drive.

I’ve also gotten a 25.4v charging brick so I’m able to charge to Max capacity.

With one vesc and one motor everything fits in the meepo enclosure, after cutting out the aluminum block and closing the ventilation hole with abs sheets from the vacuum table.

I’ve used it once, seems pretty powerful for commuting in Milan (everything is flat, acceleration is not necessary because of traffic and pedestrians and holes in the street).

I’ve driven 5km and still had 75% of my 5000mah 2x3s lipo, I’m satisfied but I’ll test some more.
I’ll be installing an antispark switch in the near future and remove the loop key, it was a temporary measure for testing


Since I’ve finally completed the build I thought it would be interesting to go back and check what the actual bill of materials was, for only the board, and on the side I’ve included the extras I bought which come in handy for future projects.

In total my board is about 450€, and I’ve not bought a deck since I built it in a highschool class so more like 550€ for a single drive 6s board… Had I bought a meepo 10s it would be 620€ so… Yeah not worth it at all besides the satisfaction of having built something


So it’s been months, hung the thing on the ceiling ever since, face it another go, more confident this time it won’t take itself apart. This is the progress, still want to make a decent enclosure, the esc one cracked. Also want to get a drop board and top mount everything. Then need to add lights and then maybe I’ll be able to use it as a daily for going out to at night where there’s no public transit


Assuming you’re still on a budget (or just want cool looking lights that don’t require charging), I recommend you check out the lights I made:

I’ve gotten these 107mm wheels in the mail today from @MarkOneBoards, drilled them out to fit @dickyho 's abec pulley, and put them on the board. They look really cool imho, a bit eye catching. Now I have tons of clearance for hopefully not destroying the motor on the garbage streets in Milan and hopefully I won’t eject from it because of some tiny rock or crack.

Also tried fitting an ATV led light I still had by cutting away one of the fins with my table saw hence it’s aluminum.

Still got to wire the light and add a tail light, and dustproof the enclosure.
I have tried controlling the LEDs from my winnings remote via a remote control switch from hobbyking but the pwm signal seems weird on the 2nd channel of the receiver, not sure if it’s fried or if it’s flawed design. Any ideas?


First test ride today, I think very successful. Was able to drive over things I didn’t usually trust going over, without issues. Torque is very low, but that is actually good so it won’t eject from underneath me. Max speed is scary, around 30km/h whereas before it was 23 I think. I still need to test range and fix the Bluetooth

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Tldr: Anyone interested in buying the parts?
Used maybe thrice or so for testing

Well this thing is a nightmare. The esc enclosure broke, the pulley rubs on the wheel and I can’t get it centered for the love of God. I thinking I either throw more money at it (wider trucks and large abec wheels for the pulleys, a new a shorter deck) or sell the parts and get a meepo mini v2.

I am looking for boards. I was thinking an AT style shape like the trampa boards so I could mount the motors back, or something that has the trucks mount very far from the deck to clear the wheels when turning. Any suggestions on a cheap deck?

I got some extended hangers and larger wheels from a user here on the forum, and found a larger enclosure at a hardware store in which I could fit everything comfortably. I cut out a deck out of 20mm plywood and was able to mount motors and wheel pulleys how they are supposed to, with their own bearings. Finally i routed a slot on the top for the wire from battery to esc enclosure. Turning radius is much better now, and i feel confident I can now finish up the board in a decent manner. Still, battery is only a 6s and a little small on capacity. I also found the bluetooth module i got, so i can use the mobile vesc tool. Had to bypass the motor sensors because the wires are too short, i extended the phase wires with softer ones as well.


Looks like a lovely little build. Plywood deck is interesting. Make sure you inspect it occasionally for cracks or anything

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