Independant Suspension front + Surfe Skate for rear truck


has anyone experience with this independent suspension? Is the combo of independent front + surf skate in the back make sense?

I’m looking for a good carving feeling and more dampening.



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That’s a hard no, you want turning in the front, not in the back. It wouldn’t work on mountainboard decks either.

That’s an easy way to bend your axles. I am also pretty sure it only supports 8mm axles and the SYL has 10mm axles.

Upgrading an SYL08 is not really worth it, as it’s such a cheap board in the first place. A good set of trucks and new motor mounts that fit them are already going to cost like 2/3 the price of the SYL.

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I’m already past the point of no return on my SYL 08 upgrade journey haha.

  • Stormcore 60D+
  • 10Ah of 12s Lipo
  • 16Ah of 12s Liion

And the axles on the Board are in fact 8mm.
I built a solid Aluminium - Tube Frame across the entire roadside of the Board that acts as the Battery compartment.

But OK this suspension Kit is just not sturdy enough then?

I’m not bombing down Mountains. Mostly it’s Asphalt and some gravel roads.

With the tube-frame I took out all the suspension abilities the wooden deck had. Now I’m looking for a way to smooth out rough/ older asphalt roads, small potholes.

Ah, yeah, thought you had a stock board, lol

If I were you I would take a look at the Apex Air trucks. Those offer some suspension. You would need new motor mounts too.

Thanks, I’ll check those out :slight_smile:

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This is the best version of what your looking for imo. I have ridden them, I was way more impressed than I expected.


Thanks, that looks very promising. But you can’t purchase the trucks on their own right?

They don’t, but you wouldn’t really be able to use them anyway. They have no standard mounting pattern, so they would take a lot of work to adapt to a skateboard or even MTB deck.

They chassis is built around a metal C channel with the battery and esc etc inside, a deck bolts to the top of that. And the trucks slide into the channel and are bolted in on the sides.

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oh i see, interesting design though.

When it comes to no-name Brands on ebay, aliexpress is the consenus that one should stay away from them? The copies of name brand trucks seem visually identical. Are they significantly less strong, noticable tolerances, etc?

I weigh 130lbs.

I was wondering under what search words can I find out more about wide 40cm trucks like the Apex Air.

I want to try a RKT that is able to fit 200mm pneumatic tires.
I read the guide on Trucks by Daniel ( ) and i quickly realized that except for the chambered trucks he was talking about 7-10 inch trucks that from what i understand fit only regular skateboarddecks and not longboarddecks with offroad tires.

Are there any options for DKP RKP Trucks for electrictric longboards out there?

I’m really confused why a site about E-Skateboarding would suggest these small trucks for DIY projects when all the projects I see in the Forum or elsewhere online use longboard decks for.

What am I missing? Do people actually fit 7-10 inch trucks under longboards? Is a significant % of eskaters actually using small decks?

Would love if someone could help me grasp this topic haha

The Apex air are quite like DKP but they are parallel kingpins (PKP). They also support 200mm wheels as their electric skateboard comes standard with 200mm wheels.

“The Bushings are interchangeable with a wide variety of Riptide KranK bushings meaning you can precisely tune the trucks to how you want to ride. Mainly riding off road but want a track setup? throw some cones on the trucks and all of a sudden its a track weapon. When you finish pop your normal bushings back in in under 2 minutes and it’s ready for the trails again.”

The trucks are made from 7075 aluminium steel. Strong stuff.

Not sure if helpful but this was the only thing i could contribute with :grin:

Do eet for science

Ok thanks, that clears up some confusion :slight_smile:

440 for a set of trucks seems a bit much considering I’m still a beginner (been riding for about 4 Months)

I have decided to stay with the original trucks for offroading, maybe switch the springs for those orange wedges if possible.

With the second set I want to go for a mixture of higher-speed stability and some carving. Any opinion on these here? MBS ATS.12 Truck System - White > im Mountainboard Shop > |

This compact suspension system may have some promise if designed and constructed optimally. Maybe someone like savage1 could tackle this.

id look more towards Hunterboard’s style for street and baja/propel for off road.

I was thinking about a road specific suspension system that could be retrofit to a wide range of boards.

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I almost ordered these if it wasn’t for he concerns I read about here. Is the main issue with

I would be weary about buying these. They don’t look well constructed. A disaster waiting to happen.

Are these 04 Skate Truck 9.525mm Titanium axle BLUE logo : 04 TKP?

Those are not good trucks for going fast at all…