Inclusion – Let’s all work on it

Hey All!

The Global DIY esk8 community is huge, and diverse. As the community grows and more people engage in online communication about esk8, we’re all charged with creating a welcoming environment for newcomers. Every one of us was, at some point, brand new to this world. Someone out there (probably someone online) welcomed us and helped us to find our way. Remember how good that felt when it happened to you?

But what if you came to an online forum, eager to learn and to make friends, and found that something about you didn’t fit? Your race, your gender expression, or ethnicity? What if you found that people made fun of people “like you?” openly in their posts? That’d suck, right?

Yes it would suck, and we won’t let that happen to anyone here.

I’m sharing this now because over the past few months I’ve seen posts suggesting that there is some fear and confusion regarding the diversity of people’s sexual identity and gender expression. Moreover, folks don’t seem to know the language that is now used and accepted as the norm when we talk about it.

I offer below a few quick resources about this stuff. If you haven’t “brushed up” on your language or awareness of the terms that people use to express themselves, these might help. Give them a quick read if you can.

Our forum rules help to guide our discussions and remove the most egregious examples of homo-and-trans-phobia that pop up, but rules and flags alone don’t help us to grow as a community (or to learn as individuals). The rules tells us what we can’t say. The resources below provide the language that you can use, if the need arises, to interact with our diverse community in a positive way.

These might not be the perfect resources, but I think they’re a good start. Peace!

First, the “GenderBread Person” - an infographic that introduces some of the concepts of gender identity at a high level:

Second, lists of terms that are important to know:

Finally, some text from Planned Parenthood about Gender Identity:


This reads more of a how to find your gr8 spot rather than something to do with inclusion ngl

in other words a how to “diagnose” and not a be “inclusive” post.

Now that I’ve gained age I’ve realized nobody cares! But sure good luck trying to spam newly made terms into young minds.

I personally don’t condone of anything “Sex” related out of the confines of parental discussion
without ad-least making sure the audience is 14 or older.

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What? He provided resources to read up on how to treat people, whats wrong with that. This is one of the most welcoming boards I ever had the pleasure to visit, and keeping it that way sounds pretty important to me.


Wai what?

so regular guy walks in everyone says hi!
Other guy walks in everyone says Hi I know how to treat you???

Ima delete this message not to spam but Seriously?!



No, it’s more like “Don’t be homo-, trans-, etc -phobic.” Or “Don’t be a asshat”.


ok buddy lets not turn this into an online debate.

but the term gender isn’t biblical old.

It was basically the bones to new philosophy outside of the confines of the old

so I mean it’s really pointless arguing terms

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I thought you were someone else’s problem now, you know this shit doesn’t fly here


Your opinions and language are not welcome here.


Everyone is free to think whatever they want. This post was perfectly fine to not even have any responses on it. This is a public forum with rules. Follow the rules, be kind, and be inclusive. End of story.

I literally could not care any less what gender or affiliation someone is. If you like esk8, stay here and join the party.

People that have a problem with this post in particular probably need to self examine and try to figure out why it matters to you. Personally, I might not agree with certain gender affiliations or I might agree with other ones, but why voice it here? This is not the place

Joking or not, this is a text based forum and it is so easy to take things out of context or in the wrong way. Lets just stay away from purposely causing controversy.


Im not religious in the slightest but I really hope, damn near pray you don’t have children who find themselves faced with the question of “who am I?” In this context.

My stepfather is/was like you and it’s been damaging as fuck. If you have children or nieces / nephews and you love them, please put aside your own biases to support them.


Remember the times when this forum was about esk8 :rofl:


Please do, your track record says different though


I’m just gonna make this comment to keep my numbers up. :thinking:


Thanks for this post @jamie. Some of the immediate replies alone show how necessary it is.

It should be as simple as being able to discuss esk8 without being hurtful to others based on innate qualities they have.

This post serves a great purpose as seeking to help educate those who may not mean to be hurtful and are still learning about various types of people, and as a warning to those who know better and yet still choose to be insulting.


and i hope it will be in the Future…

simply… treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, but keep in mind: there are so many different people in the world you wouldn’t be able to treat them all the as they to be treaten.



we are all for the fun of esk8 here and i hope not for bullying

yeah no of course! my brother is transgender and i’m very supportive of him, and i have some friends who identify as something else than how they were born. I have just been informed that some very mean and insensitive comments have been made in other threads (that i haven’t read yet,) so now i understand why this thread has been made.

I’m afraid though that this thread will spark a lot of drama again, let’s hope that doesn’t happen and we can all be on this forum in equal respect.


I know I’ve publicly been aggressive about some of this stuff before, but I really want to emphasise these two points. Even as your resident SJW/lib cuck/argumentative keyboard warrior, I have zero interest in shouting at people for making a mistake or crossing a line into shitty jokes without thinking. My first posts about this stuff were not name calling or negative, they were honest explanations and pleas to reconsider stuff, and I’m only gonna be a dick about it if you’re deliberately trying to be insulting.

If this stuff isn’t obvious to you, nobody hates you or wants to silence you, and we probably have a lot more in common than you might think


This is sadly false. But I understand.

I thought you were leaving the forum two days ago? What happened?