Idiot teenager (almost) finishes first board [build log]

My first electric longboard that isn’t held together by tape!

Deck: Bambooskateboards blank twin tip
Battery: 10s3p 30q [ty @Skyart]
Motors: Haggy 6364 (15t) [ty @ReliantChris]
ESC: MakerX cheap dual vesc
The rest of the drivetrain: TB 6inch AT (minus motors) [ty @abusfullofnuns]
Enclosure: MbOaRdS eXteNdeD (this thing sucks lol)
Remote: Flipsky vx1 (will prolly get a vx2 eventually bec screen)
Special thanks to @ZachTetra and @b264 for suffering through my dumbass questions
No thanks to myself for ruining the deck :frowning:

Before anyone says anything, I’m redoing the grip tape properly as I have a few things to add, like a way to shut the damn thing off, and sealant.

Also I plan on putting the phase wires in a little tube. This picture is before I got the new ESC.




honestly, the vx1 is so much better. i had the vx2, and i hardly look at the screen, then eventually i went back to vx1 because fuck UART remote :rofl:


Niiice, you got those motors to fit. How you like them?

they’re great, but my setup makes it too torquey. On speed mode 3 I cant fully accelerate from a standstill without being launched off lol. I stay in speed mode 1 or 2 if I’m on a hill

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Good to know

Fall forwards when you full throttle, if the angle is low enough you’ll stay stable past the point the wheels slip out


I’ve tried, its too much aha but it’s probably down to experience. I’ve only ridden it for 3 hours at this point because it’s snowing here,.

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The top speed seems low, and I feel like I passed it, but I’ll need to measure when the weather clears up and the rest of my safety gear comes in.

This setup looks like its just high torque. (I set the cell capacity a bit low because they arent new cells)

That is crazy high gearing for 6inch wheels, no wonder it’s really torquey.

yeah and I don’t really know what to do about it as I don’t see where I can get smaller wheel pulleys.

I mean I can get larger wheels

Those are the TB wheels right?


They are 6.3" and 62T

The TB?

Ya they should be


I mean… I guess I’m counting teeth now

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