IDEA - Deck with Brackets

IDEA - Deck with Brackets

Hello everyone

To begin with, a little history :slight_smile:

I came up with the idea of building a board with brackets in 2019, bought a G-Bomb Carbon Platform 26 deck, designed and made the brackets and in December 2019 built the board by installing my own gear drive, Surf Rodz TKP trucks, ABEC 107 and BOA 100mm wheels, Evolve GTX enclosure, ESC 2x Unity and 10S4P 18650 battery.

The board looked great, but the ride was not pleasant, the deck was stiff, flat, short and narrow, I didn’t like it … after a few rides I disassembled this board and decided to design my own deck that would meet my requirements …

I wanted the deck to be comfortable for long distances, it had to be long, wide and flexible… to speed up the implementation process, I decided to cooperate with a manufacturer of high-quality decks, who made a prototype based on my design. The cost was not low but I wanted high quality and safety.

Deck must be very resistant to point stresses where brackets are mounted

The prototype deck was ready in April 2021.

In 2021 I built 2 boards
The first one had a similar configuration to the first board with the 2019 G-bomb deck, however, I changed the gear drive to a belt drive because I wanted to test the deck with air wheels as well so a change in gear ratios was needed.

The second board had a Backfire G2T kit installed (trucks, wheels, hub motors and electronics), Evolve GTX enclosure and 10S4P 18650 battery, this board I still use

The decks looked great, but they were still a bit too small and too stiff, I decided for the final version to change the dimensions a bit by enlarging and widening the deck reduce the thickness of the core a bit. In December 2021 the first batch of decks was ready and I started selling…

So much for the history of this project, now the specifics :slight_smile:

The dimensions of the deck are 733-260mm (dimensions with a tolerance of +/1mm).
Depth of the tub concavity approx. 15mm

The foot spacing is similar to that of the haero deck.

The wood core is vertically laminated, the edges are sealed with urethane (similar construction to Haero-Boards decks).
Additionally reinforced with fiberglass and carbon on both sides.
The outer layer is a protective film.

There are currently 2 flexes available
The theoretical recommended user weight is:
FLEX 1 - 85-95kg
FLEX 2 - 75-85kg

Link to a comparison test. Tester weight 90kg :slight_smile:

1 board - flex 2
2 board - flex 1

Of course, the longer the brackets, the more flexible the deck is, so for longer brackets I recommend Flex 1

The price of the deck is $180

I currently have 4 types of brackets

1.Flat, horizontal, total length 220mm - (fits NKP 3-link truck) - $150
Brackets fit most longboard trucks

2.Inclined, 15 degree angle, total length 211mm - $180

Bracket designed for MBS ATS 12 trucks

3.Horizontal, 20 mm deep, total length 213mm - $180

Most popular, it fits most longboard trucks

4.Horizontal, 30mm deep, total length 253mm (fits NKP 3-link truck) - $200
I designed the brackets for NKP 3-link trucks, but it fits most trucks, it works perfectly with larger wheels and classic RKP/TKP truck


Prices are for 2 pieces.

All types of brackets are 60mm wide
The brackets are made of 7075 aluminum

Currently I don’t have my own enclosure, several guys have used @eboosted enclosures
Hi5ber Zenith MKII 21700
12S Universal MKII Enclosure

Others built their own or used box-type enclosures by mounting them on the deck.

I have enclosures that I designed for Trampa decks, they can be instaled.
The enclosure is made of thermoformed ABS, unfortunately, it can crack in the place of the embossments after bending, but you can reinforce it by laminating.

When I buy a set (deck + brackets), I can send the enclosure for free (limited quantity)

Alan @eboosted has my deck, he told me he is working on a dedicated enclosure , unfortunately I don’t know when it will be available

I ship packages outside of Europe via FedEx, for example, the cost of shipping to the US is $60

Other countries I price individually

Below are some boards from Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, UK and the USA

This is my board

and several other


296969216_1171185253613748_8265663408920067794_n (1)



@IDEA i love seeing this level of care and innovation put into deck design. Amazing work!


This is so sick!


Had a friend locally order a set the other day, can’t wait to see one of these in real life finally :smiley:




Naughty naughty you. I have no more money to spend


Looks fantastic and great prices too!

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What is the price in €?

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I love your stuff :heart_eyes: Great work!


Currently the same (the value of the dollar in Poland is the same as the euro) but if I send packages to UE countries the price is higher by 23% Vat, but the shipping cost is much lower

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words :slight_smile:

I forgot to add that in stock I have brackets (type 3) anodized in 3 colors, black, clear and red.
I have very few anodized ones, the others are raw aluminum.


Any plans for making the same parts in carbon fiber? These look super cool and all but after managing to snap solid aluminum in half I am super hesitant to use it on anything that will experience a lot of vibrations/ force on it. It took well over 2000 miles for that to happen to me just as a reference.

Also to be clear: I don’t think there is anything wrong with the product, and just wanted to mention that as something you might want to test for. The aluminum part I broke was an already defective surf adapter that caused the stress to build up on the metal plate.

The brackets are made of 7075 aluminum, in addition, they are milled rather than bent, this way of manufacturing does not affect the structure of aluminum.
I have been using (type 3) brackets for 2 years and have had no problems with them


Trust me you don’t want brittle carbon ferbi for brackets lol. CNCed 7075 aluminum is seriously robust and is perfect for this kind of high strain usage.


gotta give @IDEA a massive shoutout for hooking me up with high-quality and good-looking motor mounts, decks, and brackets for almost two years now. I’ll post my build after I have my enclosure finished (the battery is kinda just duct taped on top of the deck rn) but the way the deck/bracket combo rides and feels… better than any wooden decks I’ve ridden.


Friend got this deck and it’s stunning amazing ride
Sadly the enclosure isn’t the best (cracked easily) and slightly to small for 21700 builds without a gasket
Love the deck and the brackets though


Glad to hear it,
Who is your friend, maybe he will show pictures of his board :slight_smile:


I designed minimalist plates for this deck
They are made of 2mm thick stainless steel,
The price of a set of 4 pieces is $8



what’s the tinnest part width for the minimalist plates? its used together with countersunk screws?

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For this type of plates I use M5 bolts with a flat low head

Total height (plates + bolts) is approximately 3.2-3.4mm

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