I told the curb "fuck me up good son"

I was skating back to work from my lunch break and as I went to pass a car and turn right, my front wheel hit the curb and I flew forward while still attached to my board because that’s what bindings do. At first I thought I was ok and just hurt my pride and maybe sprained my leg, but quickly noticed legs shouldn’t bend like mine was doing, even fake legs.

Crash at 6:30 if you want to skip my commute.

Took it off as quick as I could when it began hurting and saw my kneecap facing the wrong direction. That knee is already weak for medical reasons (see I have one leg) and twisting it while stuck to the board must have dislocated my kneecap. Some friendly townsfolk helped get me out of the road and called an ambulance for me while I told my boss I’d be out of work for that day. The pain got worse and worse and when the ambulance finally came I was rating it 8/10. They got me on a stretcher and loaded me with fent and I started to feel a bit better. It wore off quick though and by the time we got to the hospital that had re-dosed me.

I then sat in a room for 20 minutes while pain built back up and then they dosed me with dilaudid which helped the pain a bit but also made me feel good enough to where I didn’t mind the pain much. That made the 3 hours bearable. Finally the doctor came but only after the medicine was wearing off and popped it back into place. That hurt a lot but it immediately began to feel better. Got discharged and I’m fine now but going to stay off the board for a week while it heals. Also stuck with crutches for a while until I’m ready to wear the leg. All in all, wasn’t too bad. I’d heard dislocations are awful but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Definitely painful but the hospital staff was comforting and helpful and drugs were a big plus.

The thing I wonder is would this have happened had Ii not had a prosthetic? I think the rotation of the socket when the board flipped around moved my kneecap because it’s such a tight fit molded to the shape of my leg that there would have been no place for the leg to rotate without bringing my knee with it. It makes me consider ditching these bindings but I love them so much for offroading and even just keeping my prosthetic from vibrating off on bumpy terrain. What do you think?

Also the first big crash I got on video, you can hear me say that at the end lol.


Your so calm man, also you scared the shit outa those people. :joy::joy:

Rest up man and hoping you heal quick.


I think they thought I broke my leg lol.


Damn dude. Could have been worse but in all glad you’re all good.

But i fucking lol’d for real at “just pull my leg”
Wish i could have seen her face.

You scared the crap outta her lol


Oh nice I got it on camera too :joy:

Those people were super helpful, gws


Oh damn dude! That was nuts. That curb jumped right in front of you, I saw it. I can’t imagine that lady’s face not knowing you have a prosthetic and seeing it turned around. Glad you’re not too banged up.


I just paused the video at the bent leg to catch my breath…I didn’t think “fake legs” was literal. Hope all is good


You did it son and I’m proud of you for it.

Just as @Skunk did, I pissed myself when you said “just pull my leg…” too. At least you had some cool people around to help out like they did. Crashing fucking sucks.

Anyways. Heal up soon dude. Cool fake leg…


Didn’t read post. This is the first time I feel better when I see fake leg.


I think freeboard/community freeboard hooks would be a good alternative.


Dude you’re a fucking ninja. Me and my two legs cry much harder after a dump. Salute to you sir.


Esk8 pimp daddy @topcloud


They are called Yobis, and you should definitely try the new revision.

@Saturn_Corp get well soon


I feel kinda bad now… @Saturn_Corp, that whole time in Colorado, i had no idea you had a prosthetic on lol. I for reals found this out now…


Lmao I wore pants all days but the first.

Neither did my two buddies that I showed it to. Both of them about lost it when they saw his leg. The whole time im saying “yeah but watch” waiting for the guy to pull it off. Both of them lost it when that happened. Best troll ever lol

Hope you heal quick bruv. But I have to know, @Saturn_Corp, how often you troll people with the prosthetic?


Youre now on the “IN”. Congrats and welcone :hugs:

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I used to a lot when I was younger, now I’m not in school I don’t meet new people all that often but still pull one over their head occasionally.

I have many stories for losing it.

Sister ran me over when learning to drive and I was playing in the driveway

Shark bit it off in Hawaii


Now I’ve lost it skateboarding too.



I just want see people’s faces when they hear that lol