I need help with a bent axle

Hello all,

I’ve been riding my Hurricane Ultra for about a month now and have been having an enormously fun time but today I noticed the front tires making an odd noise and found that the front left axle is bent the the left so that the front left wheel is turned outward a few degrees. The bearings spin easily and noting else seems to be damaged. I’ve not had an accident or hit anything with the wheel.

Thinking about the axle breaking off while carving at speed is giving me the creeps!!

I’ve contacted Meepo and am waiting for their reply but would really appreciate some shared wisdom from the group.

Are 8mm axles strong enough? It seems like this is a common axle size so perhaps the axle steel Meepo is using is not strong enough- thoughts?

Can the axle be removed and replaced? The truck hanger looks straight. Is the axle a single piece that goes through the hanger and sticks out each side or are there two axles with one screwed into each side of the hanger? My apologies for such basic questions but I don’t seem to be able to find these answers.

If I can replace the axles, who makes the strongest and most reliable axles?

Thank you to anyone who can help me!

You need to replace the hanger on those trucks when bent. Diy has moved towards 10mm axles for this veru reason.

8mm axles can be durable with the right material choice, which is not in the interest of Chinese esk8 companies.


10mm axles are now very appealing. I guess that would require replacing the trucks and wheels? The wheels with tubeless tires are so nice :frowning: .

Do you think sourcing another brand of Hanger would be compatible with the Meepo truck? Shipping form Meepo just takes so long- 6 weeks or so.

They don’t really make the trucks serviceable on those boards. I’d recommend upgrading to a set of @Savage1 trucks. Expensive but they are pretty badass on hurricanes. Or see about getting a new hanger from Meepo.


Compatibility tends to be very hit or miss, so i’d advise against buying a different brand unless you can verify the compatibility from someone else first. I think backfire has 10mm versions but i cant verify if it’ll be compatible with that baseplate.

also, this goes without saying, but dont ride the setup with bent axles. If they’re bent enough for you to notice then riding that is both dangerous for you and dangerous for the rest of the parts on the board.

How do I get Savage trucks?

He’s a member on here, shoot him a DM and he can get you info.

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Ya, unfortunately with cast hangers, the axel is cast directly into the hanger, and likely a low grade steel.
So a bent axel in one of these is a paper weight.

Im not a thec savy member so take that in to account. I killed at least 9 boards before i got a custom built by a small builder. If you ride aggressively,my advice and experience is its cheaper and safer in the long run to have a board built or with guidence from members build or your own. I would in your place,with my experience,fix it, sell it, form a relationship with a builder or build your own. If they short cut on matereal,they shortcut in other places. I had a remote drop pair,i had 2 surgerys, Esk8 is dangerous,we dont ride toys,a failure , in traffic could be very costly.

i know you didnt ask, but this is my opinion based on 12,000 miles on an esk8

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Thanks dad. I did ask, or at least meant to ask for all pertinent advice!

Just ordered the Savage trucks.

Dropping pairing is unpleasant to think about. I’ve not seen the Hurricanes reported to have this issue. Have you seen reports of this? I would guess that any remote would have some chance of pairing failure.

I looked through the injuries post and it has substantially cooled my jets. I’ll be keeping the speed down, I also stay away from traffic and am fortunate to have places to ride where I can mitigate the car risk substantially. Also I am safety-geared up when I ride. I think that will prevent most scrapes and bruises but the fractures- oy vey! What happened to you?


I was riding a metro board X a board that I had bought because it was supposed to be reliable. Only had about 700 miles on 1it. I had had a bad crash where I broke my thumb 4 ribs and got a concussion, and it resulted in a cyst on my hip. If you search the how broken are you topic are you thread you could see it it’s about the size of largest grapefruit anyone ever saw well, I lost pair riding at three in the morning crashed on my hip at about 25 30 miles an hour . I burst my hip cyst, 3 days before the surgery. I went into shock from the toxicity In my cyst getting into my blood stream

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Calling me dad made me laugh


Disclaimer: My trucks are NOT rated for this speed.


Ha! I type badly, I’m dyslexic and add, I mean 25-30 mph

Make them out of vibranium next time.


Lol, I know, I have the same problem at times. :upside_down_face:

This material is $$$$$$$$$

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I have 5 grand (no I don’t) burning a hole in my pocket. Let’s make it happen.

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I’m no metallurgy master, but infusing steel with the essence of Karen attitude, I suspect will yield an unyeilding unbreakable alloy