I need help M365 Motor Settings for VESC 75100 + bad speed..

Hey guys i need help… so starting… off
u build A CUSTOM M365pro with VESC TOOL flipsky 75100_R2 and the thing is… is spins quick about 34km/h but when i start riding it only shows 30km/h whats the limit ?

350W motor from pro version.

Motor current 80A
Motor MAX : 200A
Battery: 45A
Regen Batery :27A

There is 2 batteries one stock 7800mAh with custom 14000mAh brick these are 42V max …

Maybe you can help me setup motor because i think i do something wrong…
Breaking system isnt good… Acceleration isnt good too…

Thanks guys.


that’s the difference between unload and loaded speed.

please tell me u didn’t wire them parallel together


My input here it’s pretty limited as i have only a little experience with these m365 motors.

But some things to take in account are that the speed of the scooter without load it’s normally higher than loaded. So not getting to 34kmh it’s normal.

If you want higher speed, you will need a battery with higher voltage.

I wouldn’t go too crazy but I’ve heard that those motors can take 50,4V.

Also, I’m pretty sure you will burn the motor with that configuration (80 A it’s a lot of current for it). Those scooter motors are prone to overheating, so be careful with that.

Take in account that the motor it’s rated at 350W. Which means that at 42v it would only take 8.3A to max it out. (42V x 8.33A =350W) i would lower your amps to 40, which it’s still pretty high but I’m sure you won’t notice a difference.

In Spain the scooter modding scene it’s pretty wide, and I can tell you they do nasty things with their batteries.

They just buy the battery kit in Amazon and just roll with it. (Some of them know what they’re doing, but for the most part they don’t.)

You should see the diy batteries self proclaimed “professionals” build… Fire hazards😵‍💫

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Thanks for reply
Um… i assume it is bad to link them in parallel ? i charge this big brick 14Ah with XT60 connector the 7800Ah is default Xiaomi charger.

Yeah you are right but it is for test…
This 350W can 84V too… but i think is dangerous to ride with that.
350W needs 8A to fully charge him but i want some extra acceleration.
So in vesc in first configuration i put Generic and Inrunner 2000g and E-e bike both works just fine…

But i don’t know the “optimum” settings for this DUO vesc and pro xiaomi motor…

The firmware that it ships with is for a different model so it doesn’t work quite as well. Here is firmware that’s configured specifically for that model:

If you want more speed, running firmware 5.3 or higher can take advantage of field weakening which will increase your top speed but will significantly reduce range.

I’d leave the two batteries in parallel if they are the same voltage but different capacity. I run a 12ah battery with a 38ah battery in parallel. If you put them in series, you would need some sort of low voltage cut-off or alarm for the smaller capacity pack since it will drain faster. One of these cell beepers or a 20s 100A+ BMS (or 2x 10s 100A BMSs) where the discharge is wired are a few ways to detect when the smaller pack is empty to prevent over-discharge.

Running 84v vs 42v would pretty much double your top speed, and the controller can handle it.

Motors can run at pretty much any voltage. The limit is usually bearing or high iron losses (aka excessive heat) at high enough RPMs, but neither of those things should be a factor in a relatively low RPM hub motor.

Hey thanks !
So on my Xiaomi motor can run field of weakening ?

Yea we plan with buddy rework batteries we put 2x 36V but ofc we limit speed to 40-45 i think it is max for normal ride…

Motors are motors and are pretty simple devices. All the magic happens in the controller.

That said, running field weakening will heat up the motor a lot more than running it turned off.

As long as you have a temp sensor in the motor, and it’s connected to the VESC so it can reduce current when it reaches max temp (thermal throttling), you should be fine.

Xiaomi Pro motor only have 3 wires + Hall Sensors nothing more…

Thanks very much for explanation…
2 Questions:
If i run field of weakening i need configure or just On/off
2. I installed before 5.3 firmware… but when i setup Generic motor > inrunner 2000g > it has “SSSSSSS” sound like something inside will explode :smiley: on firmware 5.2 was quiet…
of course i disabled phase filter.

how many wires are there on the hall sensor plug? if 5, then u got no temp sensor

Yes 5 wires

ya there is no temp sensor, u will need to find a way to get a temp sensor in if u gonna use field weakening, unless u don’t mind burning ur motor, which is also acceptable in my book if u willing to take the risk :rofl:

when you used motor setup, did you also uncheck the “use default settings” checkbox that might turn phase filters back on?

Oh also the M365 is an OUTrunner, not an Inrunner, that could maybe make a difference if nothing broke yet

STOP! Sounds like you don’t have filters disabled!!! You will fry the 75/100! I’ve done this before on a scooter very similar to yours!

Hub motors are outrunners, not inrunners.


No i unchecked phase filter to off but in VESC windows it says phase on but in IOS app says off.
I fixed this by flasing software by jaykup. His Software is optimized well and in firmware 5.3 or 6.0 it is disabled phase filter off by default.

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