I need a solid pair of gloves

So my first board is arriving on June 1st and I find myself needing gloves but can’t buy the ones I want from flatland3d which everything I’ve read has assured me are the best gloves to buy. However neither of the pro gloves with the wrist guards are available. What would be a good second choice that would have similar protection including the wrist guard and skidding(i quess) tech on the palms. However I’m not looking for sliding gloves I have a pair already.


Using your slide gloves until Flatland are back in stock would be what I do. I did manage to find a cheap pair of roller blading gloves on amazon a few years back; super cheap, but for 8$ they did the trick.

Edit: I am very happy with my flatland pro gloves. Cost a lot, but I haven’t fallen in so long I figured I can afford to have nice gloves since I won’t be harming them much.

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in my opinion, the flatland gloves are not the best money can buy - the stitching comes apart before the riding season is over

check out the Orsa MX or some other motorcycle gloves


I bought both the fingerless and fingered Flatlands. The seams on the fingered came apart almost immediately. I’ve put in a couple thousand miles and a couple spills on the fingerless without any seam problems. I’m wearing holes through the leather. No wrist support on the fingerless though.


I have all 3 of the flatlands styles. The Og fingersless and the full glove both have stitches coming loose.
They are still usable but it is annoying.
The fingerless pro has not started falling apart yet…
The couple times I have fallen on them they seemed to do the job.

So even though they are expensive and often out of stock and may come apart I am still a fan…

I feel like a broken record because I’ve recommended these things a bunch before… but check out the Knox Orsa. They look very similar for a reason, but are available with much more protection and are much more durable.


I’ve been looking at those my only issue is that they don’t have wrist guards. Is there a good uni direction wrist guard that I could get to go with those because all of the ones I’ve been able to find have been for the whole wrist and palm. Which is a bit much to pair with gloves in my opinion.

The boa closure and surrounding material helps support the wrist, and there is plastic in the lower palm, but if you’re strictly looking for a wrist guard, I think Hillbilly or triple 8 (fingerless) are your best bets.

I like my btr gloves. They are thin, but quality for slide pucks.

I also have these, survived a 45mph slide.
Mechanix Wear - Tactical Specialty Tempest Flame Resistant Gloves (Medium, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I70POU0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LTd0EbJ8JRKN9


+1 for the btr. Super comfortable and stretch/shape to fit your hand. I’ve taken some hard spills in them and always been fine.


I thought I wanted wrist guards and got the hillybilly. Did not like it holding the remote and do not wear them. I’m going to give them away at some point.


I use the TSG Cuesta DH, great gloves. Just need some editing to be able to hold the remote.

The sizing is weird though, unless you have huge-ass thumb in comparison to the rest of your fingers.

A wrist guard will definitely break your arm/wrist when you fall, bad idea.

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I just had a look at the site and found these. Knox Nexos. They seem to say they have scaphoid protection?

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I like the flatlands. Expensive but fits nice and overal quality is ok. There are for sure better ones on the market, but better some gloves then no gloves.

The two slide pucks is exactly that.

I don’t ride with these, I have land yacht slide gloves and sector 9 lightning. I just wondered if they had some other fangled “protection” internally.

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Nope, the pucks keep your hands sliding so they don’t bend in ways they weren’t intended to.

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Check S9 lighting & boxer. No need to trim the thumb for the remote

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I would love to try these but they are out of stock everywhere, especially the L size

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