I made a bet, and need your help to win it. MB build

I was talking to a few of friends of mine who are into driving quad bikes, so i was invited to join them in the following adventures driving one of those vehicles…

I said no! I won’t drive that gas powered sitting operated full suspension 4wd piece of shit. I’ll come with you riding an electric skateboard.

Well you can imagine the laughs :joy:

Anyways. I’ve already built a couple of boards for myself and friends. I’ve made and ridden short ones, long ones, thane, AT, belt, gear you name it.

BUT I have never put my foot on a proper electric mountain skateboard, let alone built one. So top mount battery and stuff ia completely new to me.

That’s where you the experienced community can help me a lot.

I don’t have a budget set. I know it won’t be cheap and I am OK with that, I don’t want a pre-built board because it’s not fun that way.

What I do know:

  • I have 2x Trampa VESCs collecting dust that could be well used for this occasion.
  • I have 2x 6374 new flipsky 10mm shaft motors, but I would prefer maytech 6396
  • I don’t like belts
  • 9" wheels?
  • 21700 cells

What I have no clue about:

  • 2wd or 4wd
  • Deck
  • Gear ratio (5:1), sounds good?
  • Trucks (3D servisas finality are gorgeous)
  • Bindings (I am riding snowboard for years, that’s all I know of them)
  • Battery pack (Trampa MonsterPack)?

So guys help me win this :joy: those are the trails I will be riding on.


What’s the bet exactly? Being able to keep up, or just being able to ride those trails?


Thanks. Edited that part :joy:

The goal is to be able to keep up, the are not into speed and rushing trough the trails. It’s more of relaxing enjoying nature thing.


9" wheels for sure. As long as the terrain isn’t too steep and you aren’t starting from standstill, you could get away with 2wd for sure. You’re not going to be hitting 30mph in the woods so focus on the torque and wheel size. Go 10" if you can :muscle:

So much this!


You’ll need a very short gearing ratio for this. 9" tyres at least


What version are those trampa vescs?


5:1 sound good or even lower?

Heh if you had unlimited budget I’d say it’s time to go play big…

2WD QS Motors (your wheels will be the size of small bike wheels), CNC steel hanger with beefy shape, a pair of Sabvoton, 21700 battery pack…

Your friends will be like

And you’ll eat everything for breakfast when you’re on asphalt :ok_hand:t4:

Basically a powerful e bike setup in mountain board package


Even lower. Not sure how much by but 5/1 won’t cut it

On 9" you will need something between 6/1 and 7/1

or go 4wd


Damn, I am not aware of any gear drive with that ratio? Am I missing something?

Edit. Trampa spur maybe?

Etoxx Maxi 6.25/1 and Trampa new steel gear drive which is about 7/1.


Bro deck



Also make the board stick proof, no wires they can break, no belts they can get into

I ride in places really similar to those, and the stick are my biggest enemy


4wd at 5:1 would be pretty sweet on 9 inch i reckon


I think it is also relevant to know what are the motors’ kv



If only there was a master table that had battery voltage, motor kv, and gearing configurable and could give you “acceptable” torque rating ranges and an estimated ideal setup for any given 1 or 2 parameters. Rider weight and terrain style (flat, mild hills, moderate hills, mountain climber) would be nice too.


I am not a emtb guy but from what I have seen here I would think that a 12s8p with the 170kv and 6:1 ratio for 9" tyres should be good?


Empirically speaking:

My 190kv 10s, 72:15 geared, 8" tire board has noticeably more torque than my 200kv 12s, 5:1 geared, 9" tire board.

The 9" tires really lowered the torque more than I expected.

I imagine @BruSkater is right on at 6:1 2wd with 170kv.

@EreTroN may I inquire about your weight?