I evolved an Evolve, DIY style

So here’s the premise. The Evolve GT sucks after awhile. And an esk8 friend of mine wanted to get an upgrade. Here goes.

This is the before pic

and after.

I cleaned and sanded the deck to get it ready for paint.

Oh yea metallic red.

And hello Bergs.

And in its guts, goodbye all the evolve stuff, i kept the stock motors since my friend did not see a need for a motor upgrade, it’ll also involve getting a new mount if it’s a 63xx motor.
And in it is a 10s4p 30q pack with 60A BMS, and a Unity.

Ugh their motors and their 5 sensor wires.

Pad it all up, seal it and some enclosure work, it’s done!

Thank you for reading, and I’m glad how this turned out! Did a small test ride and feels great, much better than the stock settings with the R2 remote. The red is a nice accent touch to it as well.


Wow! You mde this look easy!
I love the red and black theme, really sharp.

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Yeah bro! Looks sick! Those 5 pin evolve sensor plugs are a pain in the arse!


Thanks for the help with the sensor wire pins!


That paint is sick, you got a brand or link? Super clean build man, reminds of the old hellboy build

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Thank you! The brand i use is more common in my region in Asia. It’s called samurai paint.

However for this color i had to spray three colors total to achieve the metallic red.

Started with a base coat of black, and then silver, and finally candy red, which is essentially a transparent red, so the silver peeks through from below.


You turned a turd into an actual esk8. Awesome job mate.


Ahhh lemme correct you there. At least a turd doesn’t exactly try to kill someone.

The board previously cut out on GT mode and got my friend a couple nasty elbow scrapes. No more of that, well unless the unity fucks up. Then again this is a 1st batch unity and i’m using one too, no problem so far.


Did a first ride on yesterday. Love it. Thanks @Linny


niiice. i plan to evolve my CGT next season.


Their new advertising campaign rocks :joy:


Beautiful build man!

few questions, Is your 10s4p battery pack standard useing single strips of 0.15 nickel on the sides?
height wise was there pressure to fit the battery in?
Because I’d like to run cell level fusing and I’m wondering would that prevent my pack from fitting.

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Thank you! The pack was made with nickel strips and with a few 12AWG wires at the sides. You should be good.

Height wise you might want to print an enclosure riser.


@Linny don’t wanna rain on your parade here but there is a far superior spacer available…

8mm Spacer for Evolve Bamboo GT GTX (2-piece) found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3883115

5 minutes in tinkercad will allow you to remove the logos from the sides (or even increase the height for a double stack battery), and it is a beautifully designed spacer :+1:


Omg why didn’t i see this when i did this upgrade!

Thanks for the link! @Samual deffo go for this model instead.


Hmm, I don’t have a 3d printer.
But If I’d go the 18650 route This is the only way to do it without Milling the deck right?

I couldn’t tell you were using the riser. (looks gr8 mate)

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The only drawback is you need a big printbed, 300mm wide

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Yes mate you need to use a spacer if you can’t mill the deck


Got a question for u, a friend wants me to do something similar to his board but I’m wondering if u can run the motors uncensored.

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Yep, running sensorless is doable, just have it unplugged. Better yet, try HFI.