Hurricane RKP, anyone?

Hi there, I am starting to become interested in using RKP trucks on my Hurricane. I have switched to the Zeus baseplates (TKP) right after I got the board, but think that maybe RKP is more what I like (judging mostly by how much i like the ride feel of the Exway X1 Riot).

Is there anyone out there who is using RKP on a Hurricane? What about clearance/wheelbite/ride feel? LMK!


i have been thinking of doing that, but haven’t got round swapping out the hardware. one thing for sure, u will need loooong motor mount


Unless your usung street wheels, you will need wheelbase extension brackets.

A lot of the feel of the X1-Pro trucks are due to the bushing design/setup, so you might not find that feel from more standard RKP trucks.

They’re surprisingly good.

You might be able to avoid this by top mounting instead of drop through mounting. I’m doing something similar with swapping my zeus pro to BN 270 hangers and adjustable baseplates, and i’ve had some anti sink plates made to fill the gap when i swap to top mounting.

I was considering BN hangers and adj. baseplates as well, but would like to dropmount. I am using TB110s and Verreal MAD 105s mostly. Would kinda be ok with not using the AT wheels, if that is the sacrifice i’d have to make. Looooong motormount sounds Frankensteiny to me, so maybe the wheelbase extensions could help?

My board has been top mount since day one, but we will see how it goes

You’re going to lose a good amount of effective wheelbase moving from TKP to RKP. My photo here shows surfrodz vs boardnamic hanger on paris v2 plate.


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Yep 220s

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that looks like 10mm shorter? eh, im already on the loosest i can be without wheelbite when i full lean, but maybe adjustable baseplate will help a bit

Yeah about 10mm. Maybe a little more. It was not a good fit. I think youd end up with foot bite on the wheels with 270s

TB110s with paris v2 baseplate and BN220 was heaps of deadly wheelbite

(All of this may or may not be at all relevant to the hurricane, but maybe)

Edit - wowgo at2 does look similar in deck size so id expect rkp to have awful wheelbite on the hurricane

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Oof, i will see once i start swap over the new stuff

Hit me up to buy my surfrod tkps if your setup has wheelbite :upside_down_face:

i have the ownboard TKP setup, think im good on that :joy:

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Might have to skip the Hurricane RKP idea, judging by what I read here. Any suggestion for what kinda setup I’d need for a (properly) blown-up version of the X1 pro in terms of ride feel? I kinda wanna make use of the spare Hurricane battery, but I guess that is not the road to start the project.

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Lemme think on that. The interesting thing for me is that somehow, I have never gotten even a hint of wobble on my X1-Pro. I run the trucks loose, too. Even when racing it was fully planted.

Let’s call on a big boy who I know has ridden not only the X1-Pro, but a ton of nice RKP trucks.


Can you throw a few pearls (not anal beads) of wisdom into the mix?

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bruh, aeon trucks are known to snap back to middle


Interesting. Wasn’t aware of this being a known Aeon benefit.

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