Hunterboards, a new take on e-skate design?

Hmmm, this reminds me when I killed my metro board X , I almost bought a kally, luckily I sent a email to a Oakland builder. Fuck, for once a good decision . Except I can’t get him on a ride.

I feel for everyone who unboxes a dud, I have no experience with this,but look at it. Does it look like it would crash well? I’d destroy that in no time

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clearly a paid review… fukn shills…

the poor guy looks like he’s in pain :sweat_smile:

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They have now released pneumies for the hunter, which should improve the ride.

I’ll get a set of the as soon as I’m back in Portugal (I’ll also upgrade to the latest truck version, which is more stable and enables a shorter bend radius)


Are you coming to ESK8CON 2024?

Sadly, unlikely…

I’ll nudge them though!

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Hey Ricardo, do you have any updates or feedback on the Hunterboard so far (especially with AT wheels)? I’m curious about the board but the reviews and reputation is still questionable…

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I haven’t yet upgraded them - I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but I wanted to do it when I’m back to Portugal (and pay them a visit), and I haven’t been able to be back there for a while, sadly.

I’ll keep you posted when there’s news…