Hubs width on the axle

I started my new build with in mind to optimise the range, and to use thanes,

But i also would like to be able to switch from and to pnummies on the go.

I have accumulated a good quantity of diverse size bearings so that should not be a problem.
For pulleys, i think i should be ok, or at least i’m not dealing with it right now.

So the big thing is: i want to optimise axle space and i don’t want to move my motor mounts.
For this there an info i’ve never seen so far : what are the hub width around the axle of the different obtainable pnummies on the market.

Let’s start here:
Previously used the maytech matrix one clone which comes with 9"*2" wheels,
they have extended hubs width on the axle
(like most of the scooters you ser arround) I guess it saves them some aluminium on the pulleys.
Width arround the axle is 46mm (which is too big for my use )

(PS: yeah this hub got crushed by a car, i’m glad it wasn’t my foot)

EDIT : callipers are shit, this is solid 48mm

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Edit - have you searched?


Seriously ?

I already searched and i just re-rode the 100 first comments: the only hub where I found the information i’m looking for are the MBS and it’s only because there’s a scan of the blueprints

But maybe i’m just not watching for the good terms ?

Sorry dude not trying to be unhelpful.

Maybe you could search for the information on hub manufacturers websites or search for drawings of those other hubs also and add the information to that thread. Or ask on that thread for people with each type of hubs to measure and post the bearing spacing or required axle width.

If it is relevant and important information (at least to you) maybe finding and sharing it with others on that compendium thread would be a useful contribution. :+1:

Google found me this:

TRAMPA Superstars it is 34mm.
(This is typical for skate wheels so expect many others could be similar?)

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So I’m not gonna lie, I had to read your initial post five times before I actually understood what you were asking for. However, I will say, there are a lot of hubs that fit on normal trucks, but I’d wager that 80%+ people are using extended axle trucks for pneummies.

Why do you want to run them on smaller axles? Why not just get better hangers? I think you’re trying to look at problem that has already been solved

For example, on my board, the Berg wheel pulleys line up in the same spot as my Boardnamics pressfit ones on my 110’s. It’s just a matter of spacing them out with washers properly


Thanks, i found out the MBS are 38 and the TB seems to be 37 if i understood right their datasheet

Maybe post onto the compendium thread and get others to confirm and include this info there. Build a resource for everyone :call_me_hand:

Hmmm the thing is i’m using trampa mini trucks with 2x esk4 6370 so it all fits with less than 3mm in total to play between the wheel pulleys, the motor mounts and the motor themselvs

Aren’t those supposed to be used for urethane or like smaller pneummie wheels

I donne think they have a special “smaller pneumie”

Like the normal pneummie would fit, but as my motor mount is super close to the axle, i have no choice but to use some spacers between the truck and the hanger.

I think that i could work it out with a 34width hub, i need to re-measure the whole thing

which of these Trampa hubs will fit my Onsra Black Carve 2 ?

No idea sorry mate. I know nothing about that board