Hoyt Puck Issues

I’ve been having a problem with my puck and am hoping that I can get some help from people with more electronic knowledge than me.
So, here is the history…
While riding, I would lose throttle and brakes for about 5-10 seconds, then, it would kick back on. Battery dying, right. Charge battery, then same thing after about 5 miles, flashing red lights, but will continue to run for another 2-3 minutes, then the same, over and over. Bought new battery from Hoyt. Same thing. A rep from hoyt said the pot might be bad. I questioned this in my mind as this could only be true if the pot was draining the battery crazy fast. (I’m an ME not EE, so not as smart).
I did purchase a new pot, but have not installed it yet, as I am questioning if that really is the problem. (That is some fine desoldering and soldering, and don’t want to do it if not needed)
There is not many charges on this even though I bought it 2 years ago, and no crashes until it malfunctioned on me. Looking for advice, and would like to get this straightened out very soon.


Pics of the pot. The road rash was only after losing function again.

This sounds different than the known failure instances with the puck.
Seems like its acting like the battery is dying but the loss of throttle/braking is indicative of something else.
For the broken pot cases weve seen, lurching and/or full throttle events seem to be the norm. And that wouldn’t explain the flashing lights.
Could be a pcb issue possibly.


No idead why you dont want to tackle that tiny joints unless you had to.

The odds of me redoing those is on par with well…some real unlikely shit(i got nothing).

I hate remote issues,because personaly it makes me take my purse along for the ride untill i learn to trust or forget. ! remote issue will drop my average and top speeds by 10 mph easy.

I hope you sort it.


Let us get you a new PCB, on the house


That sounds great. Thank you.
I didn’t make this post to create issues, but rather try to figure out what could be the issue I’m having. Always good for science to try to figure out the root causes of such issues.
In the end, it’s good to know you guys are here for quick support. Thank you!

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Yeah after two years, who knows what’s happened to that thing. The only condition for the new PCB is you send us the old one to investigate:) I’m also curious what’s wrong, will update this thread if I find out


I will definitely do that. I will try to send it tomorrow. Headed out of town and will be back Sunday. Hoping to see you guys at PDX


I figured I’d add my puck issues also.
I purchased my Puck back in September 2021, and it came with the reinforced shell structure and solder.
Like Phil, I’ve had this remote for a while but have used it likely for less than 500 miles, it’s been crashed once, although the puck stayed in my hand as I rolled over. These issues began almost a year after crashing it.
A few months back I began having intermittent potentiometer like issues, one week the remote would randomly give brake and throttle inputs, and the next day the issue would disappear for a period of time. I continued using the remote when it was responding fine.
Wiggling the throttle back and forth would make the throttle go crazy on weeks it decided to be difficult, and I was advised to replace the potentiometer, which I did and the same issues persisted. The throttle inputs are now muchhhh worse and are not intermittent so I’ve stopped using the remote since.
Hoyt then advised me to buy new puck internals. Not sure if Hoyt would also like to investigate my remote but I’d be willing to send it their way.
Or if anyone has any ideas on fixes feel free to add!


i had the same issues and it turned out to be the reciever.

When i brought it up to hoyt i got ghosted so love that.

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EDIT: I made a poor joke about beuing bullied,it was jest and it was poor judgment to say it in another members “work” context. Im not being bullied,i just have shitty sarcasm :grin:

im surprised, I need to mind my own buisness more,so ill just say i saw an issue pop uprecently with a hoyt remote,and then a saw "hoyt rep"and a rather agressive bully(he only bullies me ,with mean hurtfull threats)Chime in to offer help. Perhaps try again? I know some of their reps are pretty helpufll.

In any case good luck, i had an “issue” with my remote, its scary and after a remote issue i tend to bring a big purse with me on my rides,so big the air resistance slows me down by 10 mph avg. Takes a while to learn to trust again or just forget .

May I have your order #? We will replace it for free if its a defective receiver.

If you were ghosted it definitely was not on purpose. Apologies.

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knew it

I thought you were in on the joke;

There is a thing called “the navy seals copypasta” that is a very old internet meme.

When I replied to your comment threatening to shoot @TheRef I decided to reply with a chat GPT generated parody of the navy seals copypasta with a skateboarding theme.

I thought you’d understand the reference and have a laugh.

i did,im an odd bird,was playing along,badly ,but yess i knew it was obvious jest but not the origin

im older i dont nessicarly know you kids refrences all the time

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Is there another instance in which I threatened/ bullied you?

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Nope, i was joking sorry to have mixed it in with your work,poor choice on my part, we are good, sorrry im not playing as well as i could be but im happy to be included


Haha all good homie! I didnt wanna be on your bad side! Glad I was able to make you chuckle the other day :slight_smile:

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yes you made me laugh and the forum has asked me to stop being an internet tough guy(douchey),working on it. Im acutally a huge pussy(well no but im very nice in person)so trying not to be on any ones bad side.

I was hoping my post came across as sarcasm, but again ,should have kept your work out of it.

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@Sk8tedad I’m starting to like you more because you are honestly genuine. I will say this… being a tough guy is really not that rewarding in the grand scheme of things. (I’m speaking this as a 48 year old dude who has lost the respect of many people in my life for thinking this way)