How to update firmware on the Flipsky 75100 & 75200 FOC ESC

Thanks for posting pictures. It’s temperatures better with this Flipsky mod?

btw i just blew one of my 75100 alu pcbs (after 2 years of usage and running 150 phase amps while it was really struggling, i do recommend max 130 on these, that seems fine, i modified your firmware to support more phase current but the caps dont seem up to the job above 140 ish phase amps)

and i swapped one of my 75200 alu pcbs in instead

however that thing gives super inaccurate motor measurements (no opamp mod done, aint got the nerve for that)

but at ~40A it measures similar to the remaining 75100 alu pcb apart from ld-lq

but the inductance measurements are obscenely/excessively high, like actually impossible values when i use 80A, while on the 75100 the measurements remain about the same

any idea for an easy fix without delicate opamp surgery? (i am afraid to break a leg off for example :joy:)

the motors are pretty much the same physically and always measured similar on the 75100 alu pcbs

edit: i use the fsesc75200 alu pcb firmware on the older MKS 75200 alu pcbs (no on/off switch capability)

edit: fixed by the averaging firmware

Not really i still had to modify cooling


i would recommend anyone to just get an alu pcb version, it’s insanely much better.

them to-220s just arent up to the job, unless they would double them or use 247s with a way better heatsink design

I already bought 75200
This one is for budget xiaomi build controller will not see more than 40a battery current

the alu pcb versions are great, no heat issues in my case but i have the controllers thermal glued in my scooters’ deck

a 75100 Alu pcb and a 75200 alu pcb in my Obarter X3 (first had 2 75200 alu pcbs, no heat issues, but broke one after really pushing it and needed a replacement asap)

it has a 48V pack that can take up to about 90A continuous so i’m running a bit less total for safety, but motor current on the 75100 alu pcb 130A now (unlocked firmware) and 240 on the 75200 alu pcb on the rear wheel, which is less likely to spin out anyway

for the 75200 alu pcb you may want the Korjaa firmware, it couldnt detect properly on normal jaykup or vesc firmware and runs super smooth with that modded firmware

hi everyone👋 Maybe someone here can help me please.? I have a flipsky 75200 controller on my bike everything works fine for me except for one thing. when I move the bike backwards I can’t give gas to go forward, the gas handle doesn’t respond, it happens to me when I climb a hard mountain and stop for a moment, only if I stop completely I can give gas,and if I even go backwards a little bit the throttle stops responding. (the bike only has a mode of traveling forward im using foc hall sensor, with the version posted above)