How to update firmware on the Flipsky 75100 & 75200 FOC ESC

thanks a lot for this! i’m using it on a ebike on 16s with the flipsky 75100 pro.

i had great experience with flipsky vescs on ebikes before (regularly pushing the mini 4.20 to 60bA and 100pA on lipo 12s) but this time, nothing worked… the first flipsky 7550 didn’t work at all, then seeing it wasn’t sold anymore, i suspected some hardware issue and switched over to the 75100 i bought in the meantime… but was having similar problems… then tried for a few days playing around with settings, but nothing worked…

finally found this, seeing it wasn’t built specifically for the 75100 pro, i was hesitant and was finishing everything else first… but now did it, and after some testing, found that the 75_100_V2_no_limits was the correct file for the flipsky 75100 pro! everything seems to work fine, including bluetooth.


Hi everyone, maybe someone here can help me I have two electric scooters of the same model, both with 75200 with the same software posted here, one recognizes the sensors and the other does not. I decided that I don’t have a problem with one of them operating without sensors because it drives more or less the same in terms of noise and vibrations, only that for some reason the controller that works with the sensors lets me properly draw around 2500 watts to a 48v/21a battery with a 40 amp discharge And the second one with the same setting only brings me around 1300 watts The setting for both are the same in vesc Tool 40a battery (The only difference is that one on sensorless and one on hall sensor all other settings are the same)