How to set up cruise control using a vx1 and a Unity.

I want to try this. Also, I think an easily searchable thread for this feature should exist. This is a pretty common ESC-Remote combo too. Thanks, guys!

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The VX1 has built-in cruise control.
To activate it you keep the throttle still and press the power button once, the remote will vibrate.
Press the power button again, or move the throttle, to de-activate.

This works when using PWM, should work the same on UART but have not tried it so not 100% sure.

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Ok… but seriously- who uses this and why? I tried it on the vx1 and thought to myself ‘this is neat but unnecessary’

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Agree, it works as expected but I don’t really use it

Oh wow, I feel like an idiot then for making this thread.

I assumed it would be a huge pain in the ass like everything else in this hobby lol

Nah it’s good to get it documented for posterity.
Not everything is rocket surgery in this hobby but a lot of things sure feel like it :smiley:


Just found out that cruise control is a bitch, I can’t seem to get the right speed or the board continues to accelerate until it tops out.

i have a (really) long and straight cyclable trail on my daily comute, and i appreciate it when it’s not to croweded, or at least for two minutes the time to zip my hoodie

I used it for a poor man’s lathe :man_shrugging:


yep, the vx1 (if its what you use) had a really shitty implementation of CC. It either accelerates or doesn’t hold the speed. In rare occasion it works. It also won’t hold the speed up/downhill.

When it works its quite nice to have

Great feature on the VX1, but left handers be crying in the corner because they cant reach it

True, same with remotes that have the display on the left side.

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Finally got to try this and it doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

I use my cruise control all the time on the feather

How well does it work?

compared to Trampa wand vs vx1 cruise control?

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Not really sure as I haven’t tried others. Works pretty flawlessly. It’s limited by the amp settings but otherwise it’s great. It’ll crawl up a steep hill at low speed. Even slower than walking. Smooth transition in force so it doesn’t buck you off.
Super useful feature since the trigger on the feather is super handy

Mine does not vibrate or do anything when I try this is the problem lol

I’m using PWM on mine and it works like in the video :man_shrugging:

Hmm weird. My vx1 is from LaCroix. Maybe they disabled this?