How to I get this 9pin connected up to a vesc? Hobywing motor!!!!

Ignore the background has nothing to do with the connector.

No need to post twice.

How to connect? Get an adapter or cut it off and put a regular vesc sensor connector on it.


A digital multimeter and soldering iron.

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What is it this connector called? Also does anyone know the sensor wire order?

I have exactly what you need!

Obviously get the version that ends in bullets.

Worked great for me


@Venom121212 oh this is a ebike connector? why the heck did they put it on esk8 hubmotors

its not an ebike connector per se, exway, backfire, and other companies do this. It’s a decent all in one connector


Can it handle the amps? I don’t need this thing melting on me

Can somebody explain why the housings on these types of connectors are always so damn long?

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probably to keep water out is what I’m guessing.

for a hobbywing esc, sure. if you swap in a vesc you’d be running settings so low that its kinda pointless

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I see them a lot on the ebike hubs but have seen them elsewhere as others have mentioned.

I’d just look for a 9 pin higo breakout cable if that’s too long.


Yeah looking around only finding long cables. Surprising no one has used hobbywing motors with vesc’s yet im sure they have loads more power in them.

Just cut it off. The wires are all color coded in The sleeve.
Cut the connector as far possible from the motor.
You can also get an adapter piece but I’ve also had these connectors fail on me and needing reseating etc. Depends on how many times you are going to plug and unplug it.

Some time ago in put these connectors on most of my hub motors to allow for simple swapping between dd and hub. After many swaps the connectors were not vibration proof anymore and needed to be ducktaped to ensure them to stay together.

Wouldn’t be a problem on pneumatics but they are not usable in that scenario due to the poor current rating.

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Also think again on this.

A lot here have tested every hub drivetrain on the market.

I have tested hobbywing , koowheel , ecomobl (meepo) , backfire (at)hubs and some other weird pneumatic hub drivetrain for MTB.

Also Carvon and Elofty DDs have been on my board.

The best performance will always come from DDs

If you want speed the best I found is:
Koowheel hubs or Carbon Exodrives (same (internals) ±55kmh on 107s
Or Ecomobl 100mm hubs (unreliable axle)

For Torque:
I’ve found the hobbywing hubs (ownboard) suit me best but you’ll get a max of 38km/h
They’re and fun for shredding and almost indestructible + cheap

I wish I had a loaded set.

I’ve actually done it, I had a breakout cable that turned this connector into bullets and a vesc sensor wire. I then disassembled it and sold the hubs because they’re just hub motors

If hubs and DD have as you put it “the best performance or speed” why are gear/chain/belt ratio drivetrains more popular?

The key word is ratio. Gearing ratios allow for far more possibilities, and even low gearing is more efficient than the 1/1 that hubs and dd setups offer. I agree that direct drive performs very well. Its smooth, quiet, and stable. The free roll is almost as good as a kick board. But its massively inefficient, and there arent as many reliable direct drive setups on the market.

If we are speaking of hubs of course.

I exclusively use belt drivetrains with pneumatics for almost a year now