How to fix/upgrade your Riptide r1/Diyeboard kit/pre build

So did you buy a cheap pre built esk8 like my riptide r1?

Or maybe one of those kits off ebay/diyeboard com ?

Did this happen?

Or maybe you just wanna prevent that from happening.

Im gonna lay out what i did.
If you have a walk through of what you did to upgrade/fix your pre built boards or budget kits feel free to add other options.

So when my trucks first broke i had parts for a full diy build.
Psychotiller mounts on surfrodz tkp trucks with bkb press fit pulleys.
The cheap 50xx motors fit great.

But that’s not a great budget option.
So let’s do something more realistic for someone who bought a budget esk8/ kit in the first place.

What i used.

Mounts- enertion mounts (i used genuine enertion mounts. But good luck finding any)

Wheel Pulleys- @dickyho

Trucks- Ecaliber from @longhairedboy

Motor Pulleys- @haggyboard.timo

Bushings - @RipTideSports & venoms via muirskate

Deck- Skateshread

Wheels- clones from a dumpster

That’s about $300 new for all those parts.
I got most my stuff via trade or used tho.
Not all are necessary tho.
You can possibly re use motor pulleys. (But i wouldn’t send 2x pulleys for $20 is great)
You can definitely keep your old wheels and deck.
And ill test if i can get this all to work on
Normal caliber trucks.
That could save a bit of $$

Few modifications i needed to do.
First i had to move the front truck forward to make room for the enclosure.
Second i had to file some of the hanger for pulleys clearance. Took 5 mins by hand

The results

Gonna come back later and add links and edit possibly.

Also ill re take pictures with something other than a potato later. Wifes tablet was dead.

Thank you @b264 @Venom121212 & @dani for the parts. Couldn’t have done it without your help.

Things i tried that didn’t work out.
Boardnamics mounts, bkb mount, marc88 mounts.
I’ve tried multiple bolt on pulleys now and i gotta say these dickyho pulleys are great. Easiest ones to get true I’ve used yet.

Needs pivot cups asap and a real caliber baseplate for up front.

I have a little something fun coming from @mikenyc i think for this too.


Better charge that shit, cant have a dead table.


Where the heck did you manage to get enertion mounts lol I need one to match


I found them used on here.
But i know there are clones out there.
Gotta find the link.


Took it for a ride.
No loctite lol
Just a test.
At first i laughed how slow it was. Then i realized i was in easy mode. Flipped it to full power.
Little better. Then realized battery was at 50% … ballz.
Guess tomorrow it is.
Think i want 90mm wheels tho. Or slightly smaller motor pulleys. Or both.


I’ve also got a meepo 10s2p battery.
I wanna toss it in but this board is primarily gonna be used by my lady to get to work.
And she’s gotta ride on this riverside park bike path. Lots of pedestrians and they have rules about electric stuff on the path.
Seems like as long as you keep it slow they’ll leave you alone.
So leavening the 6s3p for slightly more range in there for the moment.


This is a tough question.

There was one answer in here

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I added the links to the enertion style clones @ShutterShock . Hopefully one will work for you

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Oh lol I hadn’t done any looking yet I just knew enertion wasn’t selling them anymore thx :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah so i was gonna test ride tonight.
Was putting loctite on motors pulleys this morning and broke my only 1.5 Allen wrench.
So i gotta deal with that. Probably won’t happen today. Got other things to deal with today. Oh well…:man_facepalming:


So i road around on the Skateshread deck…
Just didn’t like something about it.
Put it back on original deck.
The Skateshread deck is now on normal caliber trucks, and venom mags. Feels much better.

Also added a tail light and im playing with some adjustable baseplates from / @mikenyc
Feel like these baseplates are worth more than the rest of the build lol
I’ll probably remove them when i have parts for a more powerful build.
This thing isn’t going over 20mph


Old thread and newb question, what is a solid not expensive ESC/VESC to upgrade this board with?

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Torqueboards maybe?

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Sorry i missed this.
Im unsure what vesc / esc are reliable at 6s.
I was gonna try the maytech dual 100a esc.

I bet @longhairedboy @mmaner or @Dareno would know.
Feel like i remember someone saying some vescs/ escs like 10s and up more than 8s and below.

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At 6s any VESC will do the job. Just keep an eye on the battery amps and heat.


Even with the 270kv motors?

Yeah, only with 270kv and 6s. Any higher voltage you risk ERPM issues with the6s motors. You’d needed a quality VESC to go any higher and 8s is not gonna be great anyways.

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I’m super new to VESC’s. Do you have any names or links I can do research on? Trying to gauge if it’s even worth investing in. The rest of the riptide build isn’t really known to be high quality in the first place.

Would something like the hobbywing ESC for the ownboard w2 be compatible? I really don’t know what to look for.

I don’t know much about the board your working with, so I really don’t wanna offer advice other than theoretical.

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