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How should I CF skin a Prototipo?

Looking to learn how to properly skin a Prototipo. I wana to recreate the below one with one of mine. I want to do this to get it closer to its original stiffness. Assuming I need to sand the whole top down to get it to adhere better but after that I’m lost. dunno what process or products to buy.


This deck was done by the guys at Lacroix from the factory as a inbetween the DSS50+ and the Nazare

Edit: I was sent this on the FB group -

I’ll need to spend some time and watch all 40 mins of it but still open to any best practices or process or product recos!



Damn this is sorta outta my league,



The best answer is to send it lol, to @Sender. Any at home carbon job will not turn out as great as the man who has learned for years. Just cough up the cash and have your board look fucking beautiful.


Yea but… DIY :grinning:


The best diy is supporting Tim lol




Misc. Tips
Make sure your piece of CF covers the whole deck before applying the base coat.

Sand the deck bare of paint or clear coat. Wood stain is ok and should not be an issue.

Prepare everything in advance so you don’t have to run around during the process.

Wear gloves.

I might add stuff if I remember later.


wear a mask also :mask:

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Really?!! Seriously the stuff I had didn’t have much smell so I assumed it was ok next time I will wear one. But I did wear a mask for the sanding part once it cured.

I hate working with resin and fibers, need to buy a suit.

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im only aware of 2 component epoxy, and the fumes are toxic until mixed properly if im not totally misstaken

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That video is a great guide it pretty much answered all of my questions when I was first learning to CF skin as well. It is a long video but its full of good tips.


No Lie!

Thanks Kellen! Been playing with stains on your deck… digging some of it’s pop.

@Linny you are a skilled gentleman. What do you need to know that you don’t already?


Amen! There’s nobody that can skin like @Sender


I would add, that there is an ideal wt ratio of epoxy to carbon fiber. If just for looks, slop it on, but know legit Carbon fiber guys roll their eyes.

My past CF work has been of the for looks variety. Although I did have a composites guy help me stiffen a Hummie deck I over routed awhile back.


Fill the holes with play doh or it will drip from there, making fucking resin stalactite.
Note for later, wipe the under side with a cloth and white vinegar in case the resin dripped and ran to the bottom.
I don’t even know if I can salvage that :cry:. Well it is just aesthetic.
Here you can see the result of my fuck up, I’ll try one more time to sand hoping it would go away.

Just thought about it, @Sender you could use my picture with one of yours side by side with the quote “This is why you hire a professional”:rofl:


That video makes me want to try cf a board or an enclosure. Maybe in the summer time.

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I have not done a skinning job on a deck before. So although I kinda know the method, it would be unwise to advise someone on a topic I have less experience on. :sweat_smile:


My question is: How to do clear layers of epoxy over the skin job without including too many air bubbles? Slow stirring of epoxy before applying to minimise number of bubbles to start with - yup. Pour epoxy slowly onto deck from good height to try and remove bubbles that are in the epoxy mix - yup. Gentle application to minimise bubbling - yup. Heat gun to remove bubbles as epoxy curing -yup. Still had a heap of bubbles in the epoxy cover layers over the CF skin when I did it. What am I missing? Degas epoxy in vacuum chamber before applying to get rid of mixing bubbles maybe? The level of finish on your work looks perfect!!, what’s the secret? (If you don’t mind sharing …)

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Heard or read that Bar top epoxy makes less bubbles