How rattle free is your board and how you achieved that?

Hey Guys

My boards is driving me crazy with rattles, and I want to go after them

So I thought of making this topic everyone can share their tips on it

What I can say from my experience is that a piece of cloth between the enclosure and electronics does wonders



Take each piece off and shake it, identify the rattle and fix it. Then reassemble. That’s what I do. Obviously use weatherstripping between the enclosure and deck and use foam inside the enclosure. Nothing should be moving in there


Mine’s a tad rattley.

Pneumatics and batting down the hatches helps.

for instance my focboxes were bouncing around in the back enclosure so I added a couple inches of foam to keep them in place.


This hurts me


lots of foam and hot glue, thats what I do. if you want a build where nothing moves, you pretty much have to pot the electronics (everything i the enclosure) in silicon.


The rattle adds character


Rattle from enclosure or rattle from trucks or rattle from wheels?

I’m a noob at packing a solid enclosure .
But trucks and wheels are easy.
Alot of rattle ive seen is due to improper spacers between bearings in wheel ( and if bearings in pulleys) spacers between pulley bearings and wheel bearings.


2mm Craft Foam and spray adhesive

Then silicon everything else like @mmaner said


double sided tape and foam

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Double side tape works wonders for more modular pieces such as bluetooth and remote receiver. Silicone and hot glue (THE BLACK ONE) for parts that are bit larger.

In my experience, using foam as a cushion did not help. Even with my VESC secured with foam, it would still vibrate around and eventually dug through the neoprene foam and start hitting the enclosure.

Or maybe it wasn’t secure as I though it was… :thinking:

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@dareno has a great system.


Not really a rattle but i’ve got a noise that comes from play in my motor shaft. Everytime i go over a bump i get a clink noise and it drives me nuts.

I can replicate the noise by hitting the motor pulley with my hand. I’ve tried adding extra washers to reduce the shaft play but no matter what its still too loose and makes the noise. Anyone else had this issue?

I’m at the point where I just want to replace the motors and forget about these noisy ass ones its that bad

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I have a Tampa Street carver and I can’t work out why but the front trucks rattle like a bag of bolts. Checked the bushings, checked the bearings, checked the spacers. Still rattles. Always has. I’ve kind of accepted it now.


I recently discovered I was using wheel spacers that were 1mm or 2 too short and it was the cause of my board rattling


i’ve experienced the same and found using Bones Race Reds with the integrated spacers helps a fair bit

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Instead of a plastic enclosure I use cardboard


Black hot glue or silicone?

I use a paper bag.


MTB with no rattles at all, but then also no enclosure. My new build will be even less prone to rattles and vibrations.

Strong velcro, cable wrap and plastic zip ties have been good friends to me.

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I have been dialling in my sons comp scooters for years now and rattles on the skatepark mean I am not doing my job. I have a ocd against rattly hardware.

Correct sized spacers for wheels and soft risers for trucks. Wax your bushings and pivot cups.

Enclosure should be viewed like a camera case. It doesn’t matter how well you fix any component, it will move under vibration and you want it to to a degree because you don’t want it to be solid and feel the total road vibration. You want it to be able to move in every direction but be cushioned in every direction to alleviate stress.

Vibration is the killer of all things esk8.

I can’t remember who said this but take your newly built board and bash it wheels first against a wall for 30 minutes…