How many AH is my battery?

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I’m blanking on this one. I’m in the middle of vesc setup and I need my battery AH. I have a 10s4p VTC6 pack. What’s the AH?

3000mAh per VTC6 so that is 12,000mAh, 12Ah, for a 4P setup. That is the “nominal” capacity at low current levels.


This would’ve been best as a question on the Noob questions thread but this works. For future reference

To calculate the capacity of your battery measured in Ah:

Google your battery for its single cell capacity. (Sometimes it’s written on the cell itself). Multiple that number with the number of P groups in your pack.

In this case

3000mAh x 4 P groups = 12000mAh or simply 12Ah


Thanks for telling me

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Haha yes. Thank you.

Another question idk if you can answer.

After finishing vesc setup, when I put my remote throttle abput 10% motors will go full speed. How do I change this?

Also what mode do I do if I want forward to go forward and backwards to be reverse. Like a boosted board

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Or just be me and lazy


If they start running at 10% input throttle, you can adjust that in input dead and which is part of the App configuration or if you’re talking about them going full at 10% then you can adjust that using your throttle curves in your UART tab in vesc tool. Try changing the shape to Polynomial and set it to -20% and -20%. That way when you apply throttle, it’s a steady and gradual change

For that last bit, I would assume Current with Smart Brake though I’m not 100% sure. Ive never used any other mode aside from Current no reverse with brakes

@Flasher WHAT is that?? I think I’ve memorized most cell values but that saves a lot of mental math time


I’m using a PPM input, not UART. I adjusted the throttle settings, how do I apply to the vescs?

Also, the motors seem weak at low speeds. Like I can stop them with my hands.

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There are some inaccuracies in data. But you can change any value you want. Plus add the ones they don’t have.

Been using this app since I started

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Sorry man, not trying avoid answering but I’m literally stupid and don’t want to give you false info so I’m gonna have to redirect you to this

Actually, going through the whole manual might answer some other unanswered or future questions.

Or if you hop on the Noob questions thread, people who actually know what they’re talking about might help


Ok yeah. I was just on that.

Now it seems my input doesn’t do anything. It’s connected but not responding. Flipsky VX1 btw

You don’t, that’s the expected behavior. In any of the current control modes (“current no reverse” or whatever), you’re not directly controlling the motor’s speed. Instead you’re controlling the current. This makes the throttle response feel very similar to a combustion engine’s throttle response. Since current in an electric motor is equivalent to torque, and it takes very little torque to reach full speed with no load (wheel spinning in air), you will reach full RPM with very little throttle.

It will act as expected when you ride it, trust me.

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Are you sure? What mode do other pre made boards do? I want a mode like a boosted board, I think it’s smart reverse. Also, one of the motors starts to spin before the other. I think this is normal though.

And what modes control the motor speed and not the current?

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None of the modes control motor speed. And yes, if one motor starts before the other that’s fine. But simply having a visual on the motors doesn’t actually give you any indication of how it’s going to act when you’re riding it. @MysticalDork is right when he said youre controlling the current through throttle input



They mostly use a current control mode like I described above.

That would be “current smart reverse”. Still a current control mode.

“PID speed control”. Don’t do this, it will not do what you want and is dangerous to use in a vehicle.

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Ok thanks. I was about to try that.

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Ok yeah. It starts up uneven, gets even, and then ones like 100% and the other like 30%

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I feel like that might be a traction control thing. Do you have Traction Control on?

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I may I don’t know. Where can I check on that.

I’m also scared to try again, my loop key broke on my while it was in the battery and started to spark a little. Luckily I had someone to help me unplug it

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All of this is part of the set up. You’ve gone through Motor Wizard and App Wizard right?

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