How do you not-melt xt60's when soldering

This prolly belongs in the soldering thread but might not get much attention there. I have a habit of melting the plastic on my XT60s when soldering them - how to avoid this?

Plug the male and female together while you solder them. An unused, extra one. It holds the pins straight while it’s hot.


What watt iron are you using? How degraded is your tip? Are you using flux? Are you using quality solder?


joker you fucker I was going to take the second post on this one. Great questions.


Do it fast if you can

hahah well, I fully expect to be shamed for this one…$10 60 watt iron with a pretty burnt out tip, good solder. The solder is fine tho (60/40 Miniatronics) but no i don’t use flux…:hot_face:

I figured it’s the easiest soldering job ever, don’t need to splurge on a crazy Hakko or anything!

Is the solder atleast rosin core? If not then it wont ever solder properly. Use flux I have flux paste from the hardware store and it works like magic.

yeah Iit’s resin core. I do have this green type flux paste Ive never used it tho lol

I never use flux but ALWAYS rosin core solder. In 30 years, hasn’t done me wrong.


If in doubt wether you can get a good enough solder joint with your cheap iron/rosin core solder (enough flux???), a small tub of rosin flux paste, and a bit from it smeared over everything you are soldering has never hurt me.

If it’s good enough prior to burning off all the flux, just clean up with some IPA soaked cotton balls or something.

Rub the tip on sandpaper to clean it up, then tin the tip. Should help tremendously, I burnt my first one before I learned to tin the tip and then wipe the tip on a wet sponge before soldering.

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what is this green type flux btw’ will that work for this soldering application?

I got it at the surpluss store along with my shitty iron because it was like $2

if your xt60’s melt when soldering then it means their not genuine amass


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Second what @b264 said, works for me everytime. I also clamp the metal connector to eachother with the helping hands alligator clips to help disperse the heat.

Wrong. Just because they melt doesnt mean they are fake. Leaving an iron on it too long will melt any plastic. Ive melted amass connectors and ive melted “off brand” connectors.

Proper soldering techniques and equipment will overcome most “off brand” connectors failures.


Amass connectors most definitely work better – but it’s the connection that seems better and more solid. Soldering is still the same.

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It takes me a unreasonable amount of time to melt amass connector’s at 450C

SUCCESS on my first try! Thanks guys!


Oh that tin is that green type flux I posted above but I didn’t use any of it