How broken are you?

How broken are you?
List the torture you have put on your body from skating over the years, and if you would still get on a skateboard!

I’ll go first.
Sprained ankle,
Bruised tailbone,
busted elbow,
Articular Cartlidge damage in both knees,
broken right arm,
broken right hand,
Broken collarbone,
Several broken fingers and toes.

Hell ya!

  1. rib
  2. Both my ankles
  3. Shattered my fibula
  4. Broke my arm twice
  5. Almost all my bones in my hand, cast for numerous months
  6. Stitches on my ass, nothing broken just a large incision I had to include
    That’s all I can think of

I have such a hard time remembering.

Obviously multiple concussions
Right wrist x3
Left wrist once
Shattered right hand replaced with metal and bone from forearm and hip
Collar bone x3
Multiple impact fractures in both shoulders
Pretty sure all my fingers and toes, some multiple times
3 ribs
Tail bone
Broke left Ankle twice
Fractured right once
Few bones on each foot.
Tendon and ligament damage in my left arm
Same thing left leg.
1 tooth
Busted open my chin
Three staples in the back of my head from crackin that open.
All the road rash


I’ve got a hand booboo and a sore throat.


A bruise on my left butt cheek
It hurt for almost one week, I promise :cry:


My dignity


I have one leg and usually even when it hurts I still skate because you know, board is life.

Over the years I’ve gotten tons of road rash, scrapes, bruises, and hurt asses. My hips particularly tend to take a beating. A concussion too. That’s not fun

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My wallet is broken. Beside from that, no broken bone yet and hopefully not anytime soon with all the expensive protective gear I’m wearing.


What on earth are you doing? Driving with 150km/h? :smiley:

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there are many broken things abt me but just the esk8 things are:

  1. being an idiot and shredding my favorite jacket and messing up my hip.
  2. that’s it.
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The only thing electric skateboard broke on me were my lungs, it was small part I guess from soldering fumes combined with all the other things I should not be inhaling, the doctors cut 30cubic centimeters out :smiley:


I broke everything before I started skating. There isn’t much I could do other than re-injure things.


** Disclaimer ** this is all from my downhill and street sk8ing days
Fractured knee cap
Broken right ankle x3
Compound fracture left ankle
Torn Achilles left ankle
Fractured orbital bone
Eye brow torn off.
Broken fingers and thumbs
Strained groin
Broken right wrist
Numerous swellbows

Esk8 injuries
Road rash
Sore shoulder

I dont sk8 as aggressive anynore getting old :nerd_face:


Dislocated my right pinky after 100mm wheels got stopped by 1" street plates. I said “fuck thanes” and now I have 1200km behind me with no injuries. :crossed_fingers:


Left wrist
Right pinky
Left arm
Right arm

Never gotten stitches despite probably needing it once.

I’ve had a flash knockout so I guess my nog nog got fucky wucky once

The hits to my dignity have always been the most painful.


Sprained ankle (every week)
Other ankle was fractured, now clicks every time I move it
Slipped L5 disc (slightly)
Patella tendonitis in both knees
AC Joint separation (still in recovery)
Cracked rib

and broke my heart


Fractured left radial head (elbow)
Bruised ribs
Torn ligaments in the other arm

Side sleeper - couldn’t sleep on either side. Was the worst time of my life.

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I’ve actually been really lucky.

No incidences to speak of on Eskate.

Couple of bruised hips from riding normal longboard in the rain.
One instance of particularly deep road rash on elbow from pokemon-go-ing while skating.
And one konk on the back of the head that ended my day riding, but was also definitely sub-concussive.

My latest, and worst injury was just from manualing a popsicle deck, I was fatigued from a day of riding already and the board shot backwards and I hyperextended the arch of my foot or something, I would have sworn I broke something except there was no swelling. Was nearly 4 weeks ago and I’ve very close to being back to 100%, I’ve been stuck riding ONLY Eskate for the past 2 weeks because pushing has been out of the question.

Dang man you’re not skilled in “life” are you :joy:
You should get out with protection all over you, like the Michelin Guy