High voltage antispark plugs.

If I have an 86v battery and a loopkey between it and the esc will that full 86v be going across the pos n neg when the key is disconnected?

Wondering if I could blow my finger off if I stick it in.

If it is sweaty or wet.

Definitely yes


assuming using xt90 male the air gap between two pins is 6.5mm

according to this research paper in tiny air gap experiment, 6mm air gap should be able to withstand 80+V with tiniest curent, and 6.5mm is gonna be even higher voltage

it is very likely 86V should be fine to use with XT90


I thought 6mm airgap was good for thousands of volts. I can’t understand the units here though. And surprising how it changes.

I’m not worried about arcing. Wondering if the full battery voltage goes across the loop key when unplugged. Anyone got a loopkey n multimeter to see?



Damn. So easy to blow up a finger. You sure? If so then I feel I need to make some weird safer recessed loopkey. Some kid will stick their finger in. I have the same issue looking for a charge port.

Anything under 120V DC is save especially if you can’t create a circuit through your body.


Wooooowwww. That’s pretty shocking :wink:. Maybe Im sweatier than u. Thanks though and I’m reconsidering.

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I’m pretty sure the current has to cross your heart to cause issues, otherwise you’re just getting the tingles. And by tingles I mean it could burn you potentially but more than likely you’ll just get a bit of a jolt. At least that’s what happened to me. I had a sweaty arm cross some balance tabs once and whoooo that was interesting.


I also tried licking my finger and I can only slightly feel it.

Yea if you have a larger contact area you feel it more but just the finger in the xt90 is completely fine.


Not moisty enough, real sweaty hands are conductive af.

I can feel 12v


I’ll have to try myself. Work my way up the power supply dial. I have a feeling I’m the most conducive.


should we have a contest? I kind of like the tingles I get from batteries now and then.

they make me feel alive


:joy:. My power supply only does 32v. You first.

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Can’t comment on the human effects but I can confirm that 20s will smoke the resistor of an XT-90S after a few cycles, I use a 10 ohm precharge and it works fine.


86v is enough to give a tingle, possibly a minor burn or other damage if you’re real sweaty or something, but only if you hold your hand there for a good bit while it’s tingling/hurting.

In my estimation, as long as you don’t stick your tongue in it you’ll be fine.
If you’re really worried about it you can 3d-print or otherwise make a little dummy plug or cover for the exposed port.

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What u mean? U make ur own or solder a resistor on? please post it.

I read qs8 and qs10 both use only a 5.6 ohm resistor. Same as xt90s. I read it’s rated for only like 22v. Maybe can modify it?


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You should be fine if you have kind of insulation clothing like normal shoes between the ground and the battery, but if you connect yourself to the loopkey live end and battery - you will be shocked

Its too high of a voltage to play around with IMO

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If you are looking for an reliable anti spark for HV, this one seems to be a good option:


I make my own, with 5x 50ohm 1/4 watt resistors in parallel. I thing the wattage rating of the resistor matters, not just the resistance.