Hercaleez: SKP 12s8p, Tomiboi, Newbee 4GS [UPDATED]

Finally getting around to documenting my first build properly. This is my first build and I’ve learned a lot and have also learned that I still have a lot to learn :sweat_smile:

I had only owned pre-built Chinese boards prior to this build but I’ve been doing a good amount of reading on building my own all year and finally decided it was time to stop delaying the inevitable and start my own. I sold my Zeus Pro to a local college kid and started on my parts acquisition journey. I changed my mind a few times along the way, and tried to source as many parts as I could from other members here. Here’s the breakdown of the build so far:

  • Tomiboi 41.5" MTB deck (frit top with double-stack enclosure)
  • Skyart P42A 12s8p battery w/ smart BMS
  • MBS Matrix II oil slick trucks
  • MBS Rockstar II wheels w/ Kenda K909 200x50 tires
  • Newbee 4GS gear drive (55/11)
  • Stormcore 60D w/ SKP heatsink
  • Torqueboards 6380 190kv motors
  • DavegaX
  • Hoyt Puck

I didn’t really want to skimp on my first build and I think it turned out great so far. I’ve gotten a lot of help from forum members on topics or issues I’ve come across, and @Skyart helped me a lot getting my VESC set up and running well. @janpom has helped me with some issues I’ve run into with my Davega and has been a great help. Still sorting some things out there but hopefully will be in the clear soon. This is my first time using a lot of things on this build - channel trucks, VESC, Hoyt puck etc. I’ve taken it for one short maiden voyage and it is smooooth. I really can’t wait to start stacking up the miles on it. I’m going to try a Flipsky VX4 on it as well to see which I prefer as well.

I apologize if I miss anyone but thanks to various forum members for sales and support @RickSlide @haven @Skyart @surfnacho @tomiboi

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Superclean first build dude!


Oh man. It’s beautiful!

How are you liking the ride so far? I’m loving my similar setup. Still getting used to DS clearance, and it’s definitely heavier/wider than anything I’ve ridden before, but I’m in love.

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I’ve had it out for a quick 6~ mile trip today and it’s smooooth. I love it. It’s definitely a bit of a low rider with the double stack enclosure but other than speed bumps it’s fine for my riding. Of course I already tagged the bottom of the enclosure with some yellow paint courtesy of a speed bump at a school near me :rofl: Oh well, going to happen eventually. I will play with the trucks a bit to get them dialed in but I like how they feel so far. I have the medium blocks in right now but need to go to the harder ones for my weight

The Tomiboi deck has just the right amount of flex for this build and my size. Love it.


Same exact thing happened to me with a school speed bump on my first ride :joy:

How was the Davega setup? I’m definitely planning to grab one at some point.

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It’s very straight forward to setup the Davega, however I’ve been having a couple issues which could be some kind of electromagnetic interference causing some display irregularities (seems to be sorted out now), slow boot time (Bluetooth issue resolved) and lastly a weirdly inaccurate range readout - saying one motor used 66wh/mi while the other used 1300+ (:rofl:) - this may be an issue with the readings coming from my stormcore but that’s TBD


Daaaaamn, I’m not personally a fan of the oil slick trucks… Usually, somehow it really does tie the build together. Well done man


Super solid build. I’d love to own this board!


Thanks guys!

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Printed some simple brackets for shredlights to fit over the top of the Newbee drives. Some 3M VHB holds them on there nicely.



Here you go



Attempted to install a VX4 remote to compare against the hoyt puck but it was giving me issues installing (paired with the receiver but would not show throttle movement in VESC tool). Might try it again at some point but it made my VESC unhappy while attempting it :sweat_smile: Started saying firmware doesn’t match (both sides running 5.3) but rebooting would make it go away. Got the puck back on and smart reverse won’t work now and I can’t really figure out why. Have it set up the same as I did before and it was working previously :man_shrugging:t2: Oh well, not a major deal.

Got out for a good 13mi ride today and the board ran great. Not sure what to expect for range yet but my Davega was saying I had another 35 miles on tap after doing the 13… Stormcore app also said I had 70-75% battery left so numbers sound right. Very happy with that.

Some of my Davega issues were a suspected EMI problem so I printed a PLA baseplate to mount it. The factory style (threading the M3x6 screws into the base) resulted in the Davega wiggling loose on a test run (threaded plastic holes no good). I modified the factory baseplate design and integrated some real M3 nuts into the bottom in a captured design, and put a flat base plate underneath to make sure I had enough extra space to tighten it down (since I used longer M3x10 screws). Works wonderfully!


3D printer saving the day again. Got home from my ride yesterday and noticed some weirdness going on at one of my gear drives. One of the shock absorbing pads got chewed up pretty bad on one side (other side was fine). Not sure what happened. Anyways, was able to print a new one today out of TPU and it fit great and got me back on the road :metal:t2: Thanks @Ean.esk8 !


Printed some 10mm thick TPU risers for my Matrix trucks. Went from a little over 2” clearance to a little over 2-3/8” clearance (so 10mm rise, who would’ve guessed?)

For the front one (not pictured) I left a little clearance pocket for the Davega cable to run through, so the cable doesn’t get routed up through the baseplate anymore. I also added a JST extension from baseplate area through the deck and connected to the Davega. That means I can remove the front truck much easier now without having to unplug the Davega and pop the pins out of the JST, bring wire through the deck etc.

I have some new cable connectors coming for my drivetrain that will make removing the enclosure or the drivetrain way easier as well (right now just have bullet connectors w/ heat shrink and hall sensor cables through a grommet)


Added some skid plate body armor to the bottom of the enclosure. Cut some .080” aluminum plate and used some 3M VHB to secure it (thanks for the suggestion @Battery_Mooch). Will see how it holds up to my evil nemesis, the speed bump at the school around the corner on my normal route. Unfortunately winter is closing in fast so my riding season days are numbered :cold_face:


Need some details on how you did your wires into the enclosure

Right now the phase sensors are bullet connectors going through a hole with a rubber grommet. The hall sensors were similar until I recently replaced them with CNLinko waterproof 6-pin connectors that I can easily disconnect for removal. I wasn’t as concerned with the waterproofing as much as I was ease of disconnect. They work great. I am planning on swapping my phase wire bullet connectors with MR60’s but haven’t made up a mount for them just yet.


Thats funny, i had been looking at the same connectors on Amazon. My issue is I know jack about soldering and have no soldering equipment. May just have to go with the easy rubber gromet method…