Help! Trampa HD-60T Vesc broke upon set up ( Motor Detection )

Having a nightmare with Vesc’s!

First had a flipsky 6.6 wired it all up then upon motor detection only the master side worked, then after a few tries couldn’t connect at all ( although I believe it was shipped with only half working )
Currently trying to get my money back

But anyway I thought I’d buy a trampa vesc HD-60T, just set it up all lights working fine then upon motor detection it popped up “Vesc disconnected” and the lights on the slave side went out while the master side wheel began to spin.

It seems the slave side has died. No lights, no connection through usb / wireless, while you can still connect to master side.

Wondering if motor is shorting, would that cause Vesc slave side to blow?

Just bit weird how both have Vesc’s stopped working after motor detection.

Going to phone Trampa on Monday and hopefully pay them a visit as I live kinda close.

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Probably, at least blow the transistors and maybe take a few other things with

How are things wired up? Did you connect any sensors?

You could try testing motor resistance with a multimeter and see if they are comparable?

internal resistance should be low and should be very similar for two identical motors. . I think.

With the motors we usually use, you would need a high end multimeter to actually measure resistance and get usable values. Some 6374s have as low resistance as 0.016 Ohm (SK3). That’s as low as the internal resistance of some high discharge cells!


Oh okay I see. Thanks!

He still can check the resistance to ground thou. If he damaged the phase wire isolation with too long bolts for example, that would be shown pretty quick.

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Try the hand test on both of your motors.


All sorted, I travelled to trampa hq and they sorted it there and the for me. Short from a motor screw had caused it. Excellent service from the lads for repairing it though