Help me pick mounts for matrix III

Ok so I have an awesome wife, her and my kids got me matrix III trucks for my birthday so I can stop screwing around with the old dinosaur spring trucks and eating street. Now I need motor mounts. So far I see for sale:

The mbs mounts

Who else makes matrix III mounts

Gear drives not an option, too much $$


I like the idea mounts because they get the motors higher for more clearance due to the shape,

I like the radium mounts for the simple wedge set design.

Both look awesome

Shipping is expensive though lol

Both companies make bad ass products

I just want to make sure I’m not overlooking another brand.

Also if your using matrix iii trucks. Please post photos here so I can see how your mounts look.

Apex makes some

On sale too

I just ordered apex mounts and they arrived not looking like the photo. Kinda put a wrench in my plans.

That’s quite a few less adjustment holes

On second look those would not be adjustable at all because the hole pattern is exactly the same not a round hole on the mount


That’s crazy. Did you reach out?

They are not adjustable at all.
@Venom121212 i did reach out yesterday, they said with the m3 hangar profile they can’t do adjustability. I didn’t reply yet. But they gonna have to go back. This isn’t what i thought i was getting.

Definitely misleading from the pics but understandable with the pattern. Bummer dude.

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Yeah looks like not enough meat on the mount to make the round hole big enough, i went to their site and looked, the photo doesn’t change with the selection of apex and matrix change, I would be dissatisfied as well.


Yeah it’s a bummer. Mine are like this too. Have you reached out to them? And have you tried to see if the angle works out?

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I have some as well, likely your best option if you’re in the US.

Somehow I have no photo available yet, but they share parts with the other mounts I sell.


Unless I’m missing something, it looks like you have two mounting positions available with the miii motor mounts. It’s a bummer but probably ok for a lot of builds still. I’m assuming apex chose good mounting positions and most mtbs are going to have similar angles where they want the motors out back.

@Soflo neither of the two positions would work for your build?

Edit: I see what I missed in my pre coffee morning haze. :rofl:

Obviously you can’t rotate the actual mount plate because it’s a square hole.


Nope fixed position, square hole aligned with square truck profile. Now radium also used a fixed angle, and I do also assume that most of the time that angle is acceptable. It is just about the same angle that my mounts were at on my old trucks, almost parallel to the angle of the deck mount angle. But if I was looking at the photo, assuming that I was purchasing adjustable mounts due to the photo indicating so, I wouldn’t be happy when something other then that arrived.

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I see your edit now you caught that lol


Please post up a photo here if you have a set accessable

I get that but this is a small hobbyist community and vendors are usually passion projects more than money making endeavors. If it makes a difference to @Soflo ’s build I’m sure the guys at apex will take care of him. They are good folks.

My understanding is that the 22.5mm and off center axle design of the m3 hanger makes the required radius larger than most esk8 vendors had planned for. Unfortunately this means parts made for smaller hangers either don’t work at all or require these compromises to be compatible.

I am away but I have the 3D model of them. Idlers optional.


Thank you, those are a good deal, and looks like what @Soflo was hoping for.


Why does this keep coming up in matrix iii conversation? The axles are totally centered…

The issue is that the radii on the top of the hanger are minimal, which requires a bigger opening on an adjustable mount.


I think I recall kev saying that the Bn-at bearing wouldn’t clear the m3 hanger profile. As for centricity that’s probably just me misremembering