Help me pick mounts for matrix III

Yes the hanger size clashes with bearing ID. Apparently filing the hanger corner a bit could address this. I haven’t enquired about it in detail but it doesn’t work stock.

yep. i modified mine before apex made the matrix III ones and immediately thought no way they can make these adjustable. it’s a shame they didn’t have pictures on the website of them :frowning:

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Nice design. Just did You have some load study? Based on my study from past, biggest load is close to outside of mount and in the middle it is lowest load. Therefore hole in the middle is allowed.

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I’m really leaning towards the idea mounts currently, does anyone have any feedback on them.

The raw version is $105 with 18mm pulley, I assume the length of pulley is 18mm not diameter correct? Shipping says fedex $40. I emailed them to see if that was the cheapest option for shipping.

Idea is in Poland so shipping is a bit pricy. Parts are very high quality though.

Second what @ablairlamb said. I had the idea mounts for matrix 3. Quality is great. Many adjustment options. Great customer service from Tom always.

I recently purchased the Radium Mounts for Matrix 3 Trucks.

They took exactly 14 days to arrive from Australia - but IMO, the quality and locking system were worth the wait.

I thought about it long enough… IDEA FTW!

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Mounts arrived last night.

Great quality, very beefy.

My only complaint is the finish, I assumed, and that’s my fault, that “silver” was raw aluminum, but this has some dull grey almost sparkly coating, I looked only at the photo of them mounted on the website and it appeared to be raw, but the other photos I didn’t bother to look at showed the coating better.

Great mount either way, still very happy.

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