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Help me not die, brakes suck.

I’m fighting a problem breaking, here’s the down low; I can break slowly, but if I need to brake aggressively I get what I think is cogging. Originally I thought it was belt slipping so I added a tensioner pulley. Also when I’m almost stopped the brakes let go and I free roll at slow speed.

Motor max 60a
Motor min -60a
Battery max 30a
Battery min -30a

Battery is 10s1p qb26800, I don’t care about prolonging the battery life, I care about prolonging my life.

Motor is a keda 6364 190kv

Fs vesc 4.12 fw 5.1

15/32 gearing

80mm cags

Where should I look?


Battery max brake… I think

Change motor min to -80.

Ok I’ll give -80 try after work. Im also going to mark the belt on both pulleys to verify it’s not still slipping

It probably belt skipping. What control mode is it set to? FOC unsensored?

Bldc no sensors

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Does this battery can handle 30a charge and 60a discharge? Btw, its about prolonging your live as well as batteries life

Sounds like belt skipping then

Short answer, no, but I’d rather have brakes when I need them.

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+1 for belt skipping.

What size belt are you running?

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Dont use such settings so, its damn how unsafe. And for discharge can it handle 60a?


The batter is not discharging 60 amps, battery max set to 30.

Is that 3d printed mount?

Correct, but these symptoms I’ve have on a dickyho aluminum mount as well.

Definitely belt skipping. Try a 15mm wide belt and carefully align it.

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I followed these exact instructions for alignment.

Are there tensioning instructions?

I will order a 15mm belt today.


I have so many teeth engaged on the pulley Im shocked if it’s still slipping, but I will mark and test.

Tensioning is kind-of an art form.

My advice is make it as tight as reasonably/easily possible with just your fingers, without using tools to pry on it, and when you pinch the belt around the motor pulley with your fingers it should squeeze about 5mm or so.

There are also tensioning methods that involve plucking the belt with a hex key and using a guitar tuner to tune the belt pitch, but I don’t recommend that. If you do that, maybe 150Hz.

And all my advice is for no idler pulley. I don’t use them anymore… though it does look like you’ve installed it on the correct side. Be 100% sure the idler pulley can’t wiggle.

Hold the motor can and try to force the wheel to spin the same direction it’d be spinning during braking.

Tensioner is rock solid, I’ll have to measure the belt and get a shorter one to use this mount without it.



Too loose?