Help me ID this motor sound PLZ!

Hey guys, my motor’s been acting funny. Watch the video I explain it there, any help would be lovely thanks. it’s only a 1 min video.


I cannot tell from the video is the noise only when the throttle is released or does it also make the noise when spinning? does it make the noise with the wheels attached or under load? it sort of sounds like something is out of balance, but i do not know what.

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Are those screws on the back of the can the original ones? Because I’d recommend replacing those socket cap screws with cup-point setscrews. The cap screws don’t have a hard point on the end to dig into the motor shaft and grip it securely, and that may be related to your problem - If the shaft isn’t held tightly enough, the motor can may end up resonating/wobbling/vibrating, because it’s only supported on one end, and that may be your noise.

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The motor shafts I’ve messed with are case-hardened so I doubt it would dig in.

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The ones I’ve seen often have a flat machined through the case. Either way, a proper cup point will provide better anchoring than the end of a regular screw.

It’s a $0.50 thing to do either way.


Nah this is perfectly normal. I had those exact motors and ran them 600 miles, they sound about the same. Part of it is just bearing noise. I think you’re good :slight_smile:

My guess is that those screws provide additional bonding for the shaft-can connection but idk.


Yeah those are the original screws. I’ve only gone about 30 mi so far with this board and I’m having a ton of little wonky issues already. The motor may be fine, but here’s another weird little problem I’m having. Wobbly wheel on one side…This is so annoying barely gotten to go out with this thing yet and constant constant fixing shit

I wouldn’t mind a little bit of wobble if it wasn’t super loud and pushing the bearing out after every mi or 2

I agree with @ShutterShock they sound normal to me. I’ve never had a dual drivetrain where one side didn’t act slightly different than the other side or coast a tad longer or sound slightly different, et cetera


somehow it sounds unbalanced or something like that. got no idea how that’d happen though

If red loctite it is not working, use the green one and let it cure for a night, avoid checking the motor spin for that period of time. The axel of the wheel pulley seems to be bend, that is creating extra axial force, that will bring problems to your motor in the future. I would use the belts as loose as posible to minimize the problem until it is fixed. Motor sound could be a loose magnet, that moves under certain rpm…I am the kind of person that will open the motor and search…

which part of the wheel pulley is the axel?

Lol you got a crappy wheel, I guess it happens

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it’s something with the pulley, because without the pulley the wheel spins true

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You could try searching the motor but I think the loose magnents are usually a lot louder than this, to me it sounds like bearings-

OH hmmmmm

Lets see. Well I think there is one possibility out there if it is a screwed in wheel pulley. Is it?

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Sorry, doing my best and I am limited when it comes to be more precise in English…I just hope you guys understand me…


yeaup it is, it’s TB kegal core pulleys on caguamas. I think @Santino is onto something in that the pulley is probs bent. It’s hard to tell exactly. What are some other better options for kegal cores than these screw in ones?

Press fit. No bolts needed. Always true.

Not a bad deal. Think @Brenternet said $18 for shipping


You’re doing great man! :smile:

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I think one possibility is that the pulley is bent, and then as you tighten it down, it conforms the wheel to the pulley. If you find a dowel or something to stick the pulley on you might be able to spin it and check

@:44 -:49 when you throttle up, the motor looks like it’s shifting in it’s mount. either that or it’s a video artifact.