Help me get rid of this stuff(Discount for friends of all sold!

I pretty much am switching to 107’s and bergmiesters. Got some stuff that will continue to sit around.
Shipping to USA only.
From San Diego

2-36t TB 15mm pulleys $30 shipped

abec clones 97mm $15 shipped

Tb 218 hangers $30 shipped

Giving 20% discounts to any “Friends of esk8news”


How much for the tb wheels with shipping to 67026?

It says $20. I can do $30 shipped for the 9 wheels

what are those hangers?

If you use the usps flat rate medium boxes its only $14 and it would hold them all easily.

If you bring your own box, its $10 appx.

Im not tying to get you to go lower, but i figured i would atleast let you know so you can save some money


Honestly im guessing based in weight and online info. If You want them, I will go to the post Office And ship the lowest price possible. You can pay the shipping after its shipped

Can you throw in the tunnel risers and subtract the shipping cost of it?

Ill take the wheels and risers and you have a deal!

Usps medium flat rate priority is the best. Bringing your own box will cost you 20+ $

Sorry @b264 has dibs on the riser

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Do I have dibs on a set of the 97’s, answer my texts, lol

Aw bummer. Well i still want the wheels.

ill take the tb pulley shipped to 4006 Queensland
also what is a friend of esk8 news ?

Anybody who is a patreon of

Damn… your in USS right? i should clarify that its shipped in the conusa. Not really into global shipping… too rxpensice

Im happy to pay the price on international shipping as an australia eskater i have to pay it whether i get it new or used :frowning: I need this to match my single pulley that I have. Fair enough if you dont want to ship internationally all good

Which pulley… the abec or kegel? Kegel was picked up with the wheels…

Ah dang was after kegel all good then GLWS

Are there still 4 of those 97 ABEC’s left?

I also am not sure how you even become a friend of esk8 news - I have somehow missed this in the time I have been prowling here.

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