Help me get rid of this stuff(Discount for friends of all sold!

It just means you donate with patreon. I figure if you’re supporting the site Im using to sell my products, i could at least offer a discount… and i have four abecs11 left.


Ah okay I figured. Wasn’t sure though.

understood :slight_smile:

Is that 35 with or without the discount?

Well you are one lucky guy, @Bobby is right around the corner and works in Scripps ranch

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You at work at 5:00?

You doxxing me bro!! Lol

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Oof, my bad.

hmm …

do I need it do I need it do I need it…

Edit: decided I don’t actually need it, sorry to derail :joy:


With discount it’s $28 shipped…

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So 28$ for me!!! Jkjkjk, I got you 30$ and 5$ on PayPal. You and Sean stole my last 60$

Its my thread. There are NO derails. Talk about whatevers lol

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You donate patreon!?!?

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I suppose so. I need to save for sender anyway :smirk:

Mannnn your telling me. I already got my art sent in for my senderjzed deck but prolly gonna have to send payments now to pay it off by the time its finished lol


Yeah dude I am going to be designing mine in the next few weeks - waiting for my money to come back from indiegogo so I can then send it to hummie again for the GB

Then the hummie and BB enclosure go to Sender


I actually got art commissioned for my sender evo! Kinda holding off bragging about it till @sender starts on it. That man has a gift…


That’s cool! And yes, magic fingers, he has!