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Help! FOCBOX unity cutting out

battery discharge bypass? also motor 71.05A? that’s one of the weiredest number i’ve seen :eyes:

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what bms @Frenchylandshoosgor?

this is better for now
max brake can go up later if you want

battery discharge bypass

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je sais pas trop pourquoi le unity couperais le current comme ca. tu a acheter le unity ou?
je te conseil vivement d’acheter un METR car tu pourras avoir plus d’informations sur ton system au portée d’une main via bluetooth sur ton telephone.

laisse moi demander de l’aide aux autres

@b264 what are the main reasons an esc would cut out while pulling full throttle?

wow all those characters for that short sentence! jeez haha

Greetz to you :wink:

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physical check: soldering is good? connector type? better not be pulling 60+A through a mr30 connector :rofl:


great thinking!

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Connector type XT-60

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tu es d’ou en france?

what about motor side?
I personally would not pull more than 60a using xt60, some would disagree tho…

A Rambouillet 50 KM Paris

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Accuracy when I test the edge in a vacuum without anyone on it works very well

I will try with 55 a motor current Max
This is what you mean?

that’s normal haha. there are a few people in Paris that might be able to help. @Edratuom can you help or do you know anyone around that side of Paris

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try 50, it might work better, but normally 70 should be fine. try 50 and see if it works with you on the board

If it will allow you to set Absolute Maximum Current above 150A, then I would. Maybe like 250A.


Really? Didn’t know (・o・)

Unfortunately I got out of leg surgery thursday.

@Frenchylandshoosgor Salut l’ami, deux choses avant tout :

  1. Est-ce que ta radiocommande est calibrée ?
    Is your remote calibrated ?

  2. Si possible, poste nous des photos de tes câblages (batterie, unity, moteurs, radio)
    Post pictures of everything that’s plugged : unity, battery, remote receiver and motors

N’hésite pas à demander des précisions si tu ne comprends pas tout ce qu’on te demande :slight_smile:

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