Help! FOCBOX unity cutting out

I have a dual 6380 170 k setup with a Unity.
When I quickly go to full throttle, the motors will cut out.
If I accelerate slowly it doesn’t.
Can anyone give some advice?

please also provide battery setup and also setting of unity

Battery 12s4p

What do you mean by unit settings?

I used Vesc tool

On a besoin de tout. Les paramètres du vesc, le type de batterie, le nombre de dents sur votre transmission… TOUT!

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Ok merci

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we still need those settings, doesn’t matter if u use the unity ui or vesc tool. do u have metr? some logs would be easier to help debug the problem

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Vesc tool 2.06
Vesc firmware version 5.1 hardware: unity uuid : 37 o 2D 00 16 47 39 33 37 33 39 39

Moteur 6380 170kv torque
Roue 110mm torque
Transmission 16 / 36,
Batterie 12s4p
Remote flipsky vx1

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on a besoin de ca
(we need this)


et es ce que ta fait ca?
(and have you done these)

quelles cellules?
(what cells?)

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