[Help] e-Mountainboard with Hoverboard Hubs and Mainboard - EmanuelFeru Hack

Hey everyone,
I had one 8.5’’ offroad Hoverboard lying around and decided to use these parts to build a budget e-Mountainboard.

I got all my parts ready, but I struggle with setting up the Hoverboard Mainboard. I just don’t really get how to connect the rc receiver. Becuase of it’s low price I ordered a Mini Remote and would like to connect the receiver directly to the Mainboard. It supports UART, PWM, PPM, and iBUS input (don’t know what the mini Remote uses).
Is it even possible or do I have to use an Arduino to connect the receiver?

These are my Problems for now. I think, there will be much more while proceeding :see_no_evil:

Thank you and kind regards


Wow u can connect ppm remotes to hoverboards?

Mind = blown


@b264 Maybe you know how to connect the mini Remote receiver (if it’s even possible), as you are a kind of “Mini Remote”-Guru I think :sweat_smile:


first step is to

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I am very interested in how this will turn out.
OP said it was a known hack?

Do you need to splice PPM from the 2 sideboards together and connect to S on your receiver?

Then just steal gnd and 5v from your hall ports?

The sideboards say they output 15V so you can’t use that but won’t that also mean they will expect a higher voltage PPM signal in return?

@b264 shine some light on this, I’m am stoned and gots to know


This is the developer’s GitHub:

It is a well known hack and there are a few more custom firmwares from other developers.
People build their own rc lawnmowers, e-wheelchairs, gokarts and so on with these firmwares.
It is also possible to set up higher speeds than the original hoverboards can reach.

With Arduino it is possible to connect any remote, but I would like to connect the receiver directly to the Mainboard.


Those use the PWM signal, but I’ve never used this controller. The receiver has 5V (red), ground (black), and a PWM (white) wire.

Make sure the controller can handle 5V input, or use resistors to drop it to 3.3V

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Thank you very much for your reply.
As seen on the picture, the right sideboard-port should be 5V tolerant.

But there are 2 PWM Inputs on the Controller.
It would be awesome to connect the receiver directly.

@b264 @iNoLikeFlexyDecks I was now able to connect the receiver to PB11, Ground from right Sideboard-Cables and 5V from right Hall Cable and bind the mini Remote.

Now I am facing some other problems, but these can be adjusted somewhere in the firmware I think:
The motors spinning full speed by pulling the trigger just a little (1/4 range of motion) and breaking is faulty.

This is normal behaviour when there is no load.

Stand on it and it will likely work correctly.

The trigger is probably controlling “power” (like a gas pedal) and not “speed” (like cruise control buttons)

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Thank you very much.
I will just try some other settings in the firmware and will give some updates :slight_smile:

Make sure if you turn the remote off, that there is no throttle or brakes applied.

If there is, then do the failsafe setting for the mini remote.


This is a safety issue if your remote was to loose signal for any reason.


I already checked your Thread How to bind the Mini Remote [Serious] :ok_hand:

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Does this work with all hoverboards?

I don’t own one. But I might pick up a broken one for this mod

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As far as I know for all Hoverboards with Mainboard and two Sideboards (these are also the most common).
But for others there are also hacks linked on EmanuelFeru’s github.

There is an online compiler, which makes creating the final Firmware extremely easy