Headlight bracket failure. How to improve?

Out of all the various board moujted headlights these are by far my favorite model/option, unfortunately road vibration always wins. I feel like the brackets got worse in qc

Ive tried reinforcing the break.point ahead of time by using some jb weld to glue a strip pf aluminum over the front and back point which only slows the ineveitable…

Any hacks for this part? Short of trying to bend a piece of flat steel strip…


Can you show a better picture, as how it was when whole?

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Yeah kinda need a little bit more visual info to offer help. Did you try figuring out any kind dampening for it?

I think some rubber beneath the mount would help dampen some of the sharp vibrations

I bought a bag of these fuckers but that’s not a perm. Solution obviously lol

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That’s a shitty bracket design, has this step right where it suppose to bend…

If you have a bunch of those try this:

Should support the bend. Make sure these two are connected good.

You can probably design a 3d printed bracket better than this


For real. A properly designed mount, printed in TPU would probably last forever.

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Id love to test anyone’s design! I don’t have tje skills to cad one up or can really muster the mental capacity to do it at this point… But have been wondering what print possibilities are… Would love to push that line as well

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I needed deck protectors so I ordered a bunch of mounts from shredlights, I need to design a light mount for them. I think they will hold up good.

What does it look like with the light installed?

This has been my problem with those types of lights. Despite my attempts at reinforcement they always fail.

I even used two mounts on the same light. Both broke after time. Cheap metal

I may be missing something here, but why not just use GoPro brackets? I have been using them for months on 2 decks with no issues other than having to tighten them up every few days.


“In the beginning”…

I tried a gopro light…eventually it broke on the meepo…

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Hmmm. You used the steel GoPro mounts?

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way back when, yes, but just the plastic, but now a days im way beyond simple lights like a shred or GP…i really want the high output and throw which is why i really like the hard wired light off amazon like a nilight or comparable…just need to find a better bracket solution.

The only reason I mention it is because those are the brackets I use on my proto. I’m running 5k lumin light with a built in switch off a 12v step down convertor.

I have to tighten it up pretty often, even with loctite, but I’ve had zero breakage issues with the mounts or lights.

If your interested I’ll get you part links for the light and step down convertor and some pics of it installed.

I’d be interested. I’ve been sneaking in a park for some night laps. I’ve just been using my mtn bike lights. One on the head and one in the hand. Both batteries in a backpack.

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Ok, no worries. I’ll get pics when I get home.

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U have a pic somewhere of yur headlight setup?

I’d love to see what lights you are using also. Im looking for some for my new build.

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I think I posted them here already, let me see if I can find them.

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