Headlight bracket failure. How to improve?

@Soflo @Accrobrandon @abusfullofnuns Here it is, all in one place :slight_smile:.

This is the step down convertor I am currently using, I was just testing but it keeps going so I havent put the original back in for months.

This is the one I normally run.

I like the 1st because the voltage is adjustable, some lights are more efficient at other than 12v.

This is the smaller version of the light I’m running, I cant fona link to the actual one I run which is 5k lumens.

Here’s pics.


Why not just use gun rail mounts ? I love mine, they are incredible strong. I have rolled my board multiple times and never bent or broke a mount. And You can use almost any light you want and if you do it like I did you won’t have to drill any new holes into the deck to mount them. Both of these flashlights are 1500 lumens each for 3 hours and 45 mins on 1 20700 size liion. Here’s some pictures


Thanks bro. I use older versions of these lights for mtn bike riding. Buy a bunch for less than name brand bike lights. Great idea on the step down converter and mount.

i def used those step downs when I was on 10s, but on 12s it immediately blew… this thread is now reminding me of the old “headlight” thread on the old forum…
now i use these for 12s and works great… and compact…

if u were asking me… i like a hard wired light, no recharging ever since its well…hard wired… =P

just seems like im having woes now that hadnt surfaced in a long while =/


My last attempt at reinforcing the bracket based on avaialble tools and materials in my “box of shit” I’m actually liking this idea! But might need to contour more if it with more metal as 1 piece

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I decided to try fiberglassing the fuck oit of it.instead lol…

Whatever they had at homedepot a few layers on the back and 1 on the front with a few layers in the mount area on the front side.

Anyone wanna place.some bets??