HASH | Lightweight AT | Landyachtz Falcon | Dual 6355 | Avio AT Drive | 10s4p 30Q | Unity

It’s an aluminum heatsink, so there’s no hole. It’s not necessary if you dont ride hard as the ESC won’t get very warm.


And what happens if you ride very hard, e.g. long distances uphill, and the Foc box gets hot and you do not have a heatsink? What problems can arise?

Chances are the ESC will start to thermal throttle, meaning it’ll start to lose it’s power, and you will notice this as 50% throttle on your remote may feel like 20%, something along those lines. I’ve never had it thermal throttle on the Unity before so you should be alright. The Unity has a heatsink of it’s own at the back already, but the extra material helps.

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Awesome and inspiring build (don’t know if I said that already)!


Thank you! (don’t know if i thanked you already)!


A few months ago I removed the MK1 gear drives to retrofit it to trampa trucks. So I got a set of MK2 gear drives also by @avX to hook them on these. Better ground clearance and slightly higher top speed, why not?

I managed to shave off a bit of weight so it weighs in at 9.5kg now. Great!


Absolutely love it!! No one makes this config and it’s exactly what I want. Short(ish), lightweight, AT comfort, under deck motors. Something easy to tote on the train or bus and cruise urban enviros. Not long range or high speed but that’s not needed for many settings.
I may copycat you! Thanks for the informative post


What is the height of the riser pads you used?

After a few years, got an upgrade. I changed t he battery pack to a newly built 10s3p P42A, with a LLT smart BMS. I also got the Metr for Unity so i can link my BMS with it.

At some point, i used the Hollow wheels on this board, and it feels like a more nimble TB110.

Then, Luuk’s Hubs finally came so i installed it on here, Since the the gear drive has an adapter that fits Kegel/Abec.


Oh yea, these hubs are the shit.
The stretched width didn’t really affect the range all too much also. I might change to the clevers once these set of berg tyres bald out.

These are my stats after a 11km ride

Oops, gotta change my Metr name