Has anybody used a penny longboard?

I want to start a new build, but make it as cheap as possible. I already have a penny longboard, but I can’t really figure out how to fit the batteries. Has anybody used one?

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Because there is no space :rofl:


doesnt that thing also flex like no tomorrow?

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Yes, but I was planning on building a double stack 6s 3 or 2p battery, and put the battery and esc om separate enda og the board, which should give it space to flex.


if were talking bout one of these, and youre not trying to set any speed records i dont see why not :man_shrugging:

on a quick search i couldn’t find any existing builds tho


Have to sort of agree with the but why? If you want something super cheap that still sort of works it seems like off the shelf is the way to go. DIY here is for the fun of building and customizing your own thing. Granted I came into this as a cheapskate and fairly broke so was cutting corners left and right but if the goal is to save money in the long term by building instead of buying I think you should reevaluate and at least write up total cost of parts first and how much you bill for your time/labor to decide if it’s financially a good idea. Seems like trying quite a few unknowns (nothing sounds infeasible so far but low voltage small flexy deck, lots of stuff to deal with right off the bat) If you just want to do it to do it then ya know more power to ya :smiley:

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One of the guys on here was doing some single motor setups in 6S I think.

Get a mini foc, single 5055 and keep it to 6-8S to save space

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I could always get all the parts, see of they fit on the deck. If not I can just buy a off the shelf deck. More time consuming but oh well. Also I had this deck for a couple of years before getting into esk8, and I was always wandering if it’s possible to make is electric, but I was scared of doing it for my first build, but I’m more confident now, so if I run into a problem it’s more likely I’ll know how to fix it.

It would be more of a proof of concept rather than a spec monster or anything of that sort.

Yea penny board isn’t gonna be a spec monster nor should it go over 12 mph

Thought about this more. Single drive Neohub, 6s and a mini foc VESC.

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I was actually planning on using 2 5055 270kv motors and a dual ESC from a liftboard I took apart. With top speed of around 27 km/h and around 15km range.

aww its atleast a 36" one, im sure you can go a bit faster… just at some point the torsional flex will get scary

i once downhill’ed on a tan tien with indy trucks… at some point 40 km/h upwards the deck started to behave like a hammock… the trucks stayed completely straight while the board swung left to right slowly in a hypnoticing manner… scary as fuck :joy:

It’s definitely been done. Single drive is probably plenty and the space saved from one less esc means more cells.


That’s definitely cool, but I was talking about a penny longboard not the normal penny board


Yep. That’s been done too.


Great! So it is doable!

are there any more pics ? it kinda doesnt look like this can flex anymore

kinda looks sexy tho

I mean you can make an electric board out of any deck you want. It’s all doable.
Just depends how resourceful determined and ingenuitive you are if it ends up being a reliable build.


It’s doable. No real reason why it’s not doable. You just have to accept certain limitations such as smaller batteries due to shorter board length.

If you want to keep the flex, go with a boosted style battery enclosure or build your batteries in segments with flex (ie, mesh cable in between the p sets).

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