Halo Board 2 platform build

3000watt dual hub motor design. 36V 7ah 252Wh Li battery

I jut ordered a FOCBOX Unity from raptor clearance shop. I didn’t order the “E-Tray” can someone please tell me what it’s use is? I’m planning to replace the ESC on my Halo board 2 since it gave out. Eventually I want to upgrade to a Direct Drive system. There is also enough room to fit a bigger battery within the deck. I’m aiming to reach 35 mph with this build, although i would be content with 30 mph. What parts can you guys recommend?

The e tray just holds a voltage display and power button with a slight heat sink, and it routed all the wires

Look into the TorqueBoards direct drives


Going that fast on a board with hub motors is dangerous due to the limited braking power. Be careful. Also, the raptor parts clearance shop is owned by the previous CEO of Enertion, who is a sketchy individual to deal with, to say the least. I hope you ordered with Paypal in case you receive a non-working ESC.

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I did not pay via Paypal :frowning: The site states there is a 7 day period to request a refund so i intend to test it as soon as it is delivered.

Do you recommend the Kegel or Abec wheel adapter? I don’t have experience on either wheels. just Hawgs

Kegel is the future; the core is smaller and easier to manufacture, resulting in a stronger wheel with more urethane. Also TB 110s are the best urethane wheel on the market for street riding right now, and they use kegel core.


Muchas gracias amigo! Do you think I should grab the 75Kv, or 90Kv? they seem to be selling for the same price, not sure if that’s a listing error. Anyway would the 90Kv run my battery dead quicker even when I’m not using the additional 10mph?

Build to the max speed you want to go. Don’t build something you’ll never use, it’ll be inefficient.

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That said, once you ride it and ease into it, you might want to go faster. Tough choices!

I’ll take your word for it. Alright I’ve got a lit of most of the hardware I’ll be purchasing.
Torqueboards DD Motor Kit 75Kv
TB 110s
Riser Pads for absorption

Only thing left is the battery, currently looking for a strong 12s

See my comment right above your post. You need to decide what’s right for you. Use https://calc.esk8.news and figure out your specs.

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I believe the speed limit in the downtown area is 40 at the highest, and I know my mother would sleep better if I opted for the 75Kv XD
I don’t have enough knowledge to operate that calculator; just figured out what the numbers in 12s4p mean


Well we iz gunna learn ya… real guuud.

What batt pack u usin n what cells in it??

We gonna do dis…

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36V 7ah 252Wh is all the information i can find online, although I’m almost certain it is 10s3p?


Loaded speed 50kph / 31mph.


Will this be enough to power the torque DD motor? currently i get 10 miles on 3000 watt dual hubs

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I’ll definitely need to upgrade. I dont think i can fit a wider or thicker battery within the deck. I do have an inch and a half of room in length left to fill

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Offaaa… aight let’s die ettt bruddaaa

Pics first

  1. Cell type - li-ion cuz yea that’s wat u usin
  2. series - number of s groups in ye pack (10)

  3. Parallel - uh numba of p groups in ye pack (3)
  4. Cell capacity - approx 2.3 / cell be better if we knew the cell type they use but we can math it. Total ah = 7. P groups = 3 so 7/3 =2.333 bleh bleh bleh
  5. Cont. discharge = continuous discharge of cell (I don’t know this value cuz we don’t know the cells so we just finna use 10)
  6. Max discharge = max discharge of cell. (Same see 5 don’t know de cell)
  7. Motor kV - 75/90
  8. Poles - 28 for the TBDD (pretty sure )
  9. Efficiency - 90% cuz is easy
  10. Wheel size - 110
  11. Motor pulley - number of teeth on motor pulley. For DD just make it the same number as wheel pulley. Since for DD the ration between the two is 1
  12. Read 11
  13. Avg energy use - how much juice I use per km
    Tadaaa then u see stuffs below and u go wooohooo I know how fast I go now…

Or like sumfin…

Thas my dumb explanation… dereeee be peeps hella super smart on here dat can give you better explanation cuz science or whatever

But dis should help ye at least know how fast ye gonna go

Kk …


If I dun goofed somewhere… very likely. I apologize in advancez


tank ya brah. I dun learned a bit! Happy to know I don’t need to cop a new battery for a minute at least

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If you change your mind and want more angry pixies with more potential, I can make a pack for you :yum: