Haggy/Gamer43 Antispark Testing Results [SERIOUS]

Original Sales Thread

Would you buy an antispark? UPDATE: All antisparks have been sold

This wiki is for posting results from the Haggy/Gamer43 Antispark community testing. All have been sold. I believe 15 units went out in total, so we should have a good sample size.

Upon testing completion please cast your votes for the Haggy/Gamer43 AS:

(If you are not one of the recipients of this specfic antispark, please do not vote.)

    • Recommend
    • Pass
    • Undecided, see specific concerns in reporting workbook

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Errant votes: Timmy (pass)

If I added your name below wrongly, missed adding you, or if you don’t wish to participate at this time, it’s a wiki so you can edit your name out or you can ask me to do it. Thanks, all.

@skate420 @A13XR3 @MrDrunkenMobster @mmaner @Zach @Alpacaslapper
@stratoglide @Skyart @physicsman99 @b264 @DEEIF @Arzamenable @annihil8ted @scepterr @annihil8ted @Bobby

Edit: I offered to order one but never had a follow up - Removed Davewesh from the list.


@mmaner and @longhairedboy also have units that I sent them a while back, if they could chime in that would be appreciated.


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looks great gang. my only recommendation, @Gamer43 is to edit your first post with links to the final reviews posted below as they come in. it will help folks quickly get the information w/o taking the post out of the context of the thread. this is a little bit of work but worth effort.

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I also bought one!

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Thanks. I’ll add you.

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I wanted one but he would only ship to the US, so I’m out


Im in!!!


You bought one?

ITs flawless. I moved it from Betty (my test rig covered in Velcro) into my Dingy because I literally didn’t have room for a button on that tiny enclosure full of battery wrapped around a focbox.

it starts every time. Zero issues so far.


I did not buy one. And removed my name - I am interested in these results.


I have around 300 miles in mine, well over 1000 on the model before. Both have been flawless.

I actually prefer a button, push to start took some getting used to, but It has never failed and means one less hole to waterproof. The unit itself is very small, smaller than Luna switches.

I literally have zero complaints. I like to put 300 to 500 miles (up from 250 after a motor testing issue) before offer recommendations, but considering the life of the previous AS switch I feel safe saying there are perfect.


@mmaner @longhairedboy no issues with battery drain?


Yea! Bought and paid fot

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Sorry I missed you. Adding now.

None, but I typically don’t leave boards sitting around. If I’m not riding it regularly, anything over a week, I disconnect the battery.


I measured the quiescent current to be 120uA.

Meaning it will last months on a drained battery.

If I REALLY wanted to, I could get it to be half that, but that just increases the cost for no apparent benefit.


Lets see, running some numbers to sanity check.

50% (storage charge) 10s4p 30q is 6ah. 6ah / .00012a is 50000h. Which is 2083 days. If you’re off by 2x it’s still 3years.


Dude these will sell quite well once the word is out.


Mine just came in, will be going into the HyperBeast


Mine hit NYC today. Sweet!