GT3B internals same as GT2B?

my trusty gt2b might not be so trusty any more and time for a replacement. anyone know if the 3b internals and footprint are the same as a 2b? since. 2B’s are all backordered and theres some 3B’s floating. around and already have the master cho case so a simple swap would be nice…

or anyone got some gt2b internals that are laying around and working let me know. thanks


@Accrobrandon … not sure if I’m doing this right, trying to reply directly to your topic. FYI, here’s what I found about these remotes on a different forum post. I have no direct experience with them, just making the connection to the info…

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Oops! Guess that doesn’t answer your question about the GT3B.


thx for the attempt tho :wink:

Gt3b internals

Don’t think that’s the same footprint at all as the gt2b

Gt2b internals. (Picture from old forum/endless sphere)

It’s not a great deal but looks to be available on Amazon

FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter(Discontinued by manufacturer)

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thanks for the pics…yeah i just snatched that 2B, there must have been some new stock or something cuz a couple months ago it was all china shipped and nothing local…

i guess someone round here is gonna have to pioneer at an updated 3B mod case =/

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