Grünstern - MOV-E shortboard, 12s3p NESE, Hummie Hubs, Hammock baseplates

Hi there,

I received my MOVE-E deck made by @Luke today after a long odyssee of the package :sunny:
It seems to be the first one out there so heres my premier build log :stuck_out_tongue:


As you can see I started with epoxying the deck and the lid, then waited for the resin to thicken a bit, then carbon fiber on top, after some wait soaked it in epoxy.

I’m currently developing a plan as of how I can embed the 2 Charging sockets (one main charge connector and one balance connector)into the shell without doing too much damage :slight_smile: Same goes for the Antispark connector.
I had to get flat head screws for the bus connection since with the usual ones it didn’t fit. I got only longer M5 screws In the diystore so I had to cut them with a metal saw, 24 of them :smiley:

Part list:

MOVE-E shortboard deck by @Luke
12s3p Sony VTC6 in 6x2s3p NESE modules by @Agniusm
2x Focbox
Metr Pro BT module by @rpasichnyk & @hexakopter
Flipsky VX1 remote (PPM mode)
@hummieee 's Hubs V4, wheels dyed darker (Ritdye didn’t work so good this time, maybe the PU is different.
Hammock baseplate by @rey8801


I can’t wait, how this build will go! Renchtaler :wink:

That Batterie pack looks awesome, dude. Old shatterhand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Deck looks awesome and the entire build

Missing that carpet :disappointed:

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2 things are sure.

  • this board is amazing. Is almost fully made by Esk8 comunity parts. That shows how far we get all together and inspire me a lot
  • you are the fastest builder I have seen so far. You literally made it work in 2 days. Unbelievable.

Question, no grip tape or there is some secret you don’t want to tell us? :smirk:

I see you are gonna ause it with a pretty low angle. Turn won’t be easy :thinking:


Coming form a spud (really similar to this deck) I usually stand on the trucks. How are you gonna do it with the x thing? Just curious about it. Since you always find amazing solutions

Thanks Alessio :blush: I had everything here that I needed but the Screws for the NESE from the diystore :slight_smile: I wanted to build this thing badly, tomorrow is an open door event at the german “Bundesamt für Straßenwesen” (federal institute for traffic) where we want to show them how people that are used to it can handle eboards since they did some testing prior to the new german “law” (Its “Verordnung”, not a law precisely) but noone in the testing group was able to drive skateboard so they couldnt test it.
I use no griptape but lucid grip on top of the carbon :wink: And yes, at first the angle was totally wrong, I had immediate wheelbite and steering was impossible :smiley: I am used to my lowrider so the thinking was more of ground clearance than the steering stuff :wink: Now I put it higher (one hole in) and it works great. The carvability is great, my other ride is made for going fast like on rails, not for turning so I have to learn :slight_smile:
Last but not least: The X-thingies are good to stand on, but right now I’m totally new to this kind of skateboard so I have no habits concerning that so far :slight_smile:


If you needed screws you could told me and I could gave them to you. Sometimes are the small things slowing down the whole process.
I hope the manifestation will really bring something. I am now working for short period of the year in Germany too and I see a lot of electric scooter but not Esk8 yet.
Concerning the truck angle. If the 2 parts are flushed at the front edges (where the logo is) then is 50 degree angle. From them any step (available hole) is 5 degree adjustment. I think you can find a good compromise at 40-45 degree to have both low ride and nice feeling.

For the deck you will see that this kind of short decks are better to ride on the trucks. That gives you the higher level of stability. I am curious about the lucid grip. I have read discordant reviews about it. Is it the one you spray on, right?

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Its actually glass frit with a spray glue, easy to use ready to go :slight_smile:

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Does it come off easily? Could be the solution for one of my build too. Since I would like to keep the wood look.