[Group Rides] LA / OC / SD - On Going

Go faster.
I never hear anything people are yelling as I zoom past, wind fills my ears, nothing else matters but my line, lol

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Yeah “cheater” is the most common thing I hear when skating, but mostly “Yeah,Dude” and "Cool!*


Dude I planned on being there then ended up going to SD on Sat randomly and then skated down there all day sunday with @Arzamenable and didn’t get home to OC till a lil after 10 last night. My B. Lets go on a ride this week…? Or next weekend. Im in. Love you @Mikenopolis

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Fly 10th September for 8 days to SoCal.
Bajaboard should fit in two checked bags. :smiley:
Have to find a battery.

Raptor ruckus is coming at the end of the month to San Diego

Group ride this Sunday in long Beach

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Anyone up for a quick trip to Frisco from Socal on Sep 7th for the BAESK8 cannonball? I’m too cheap to fly. Maybe.

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I’m not coming from socal but I’ll be there and looking for a room to share or something. With it being so near time wise I might just have to bite the bullet and get the cheapest air b&b I can find for the 2 days.

Where is CA you comming from? I have an aunt in P-town I plan to stay with

Chico CA, about 3 1/2 hours north of San Fransisco.

10:30 am
San Diego

Gonna go ride this Saturday since I’m missing out on cannonball… so if you’re in San Diego and want to go ride, lets meet up! I was thinking doing this little loop me and @RedBaron found. Its a hidden bike path on the resort that leads into a beach parking lot and back to the strand. We could end up in IB near the beach for some ice cream :grimacing:(it’s pretty good lil ice cream shop). Anyways, this is not set in stone so if you have a different idea and are is SD, let me know!!!



I’ll be there!!
@iamasalmon you might wanna come

Where we meeting?
I want to go to SF but I’m getting more and more nervous leaving my super-pregnant wife alone for that long… a local ride might be the fix I need.

Most likely 2 wheel boutique… although i may scope out a different starting place that may be a little longer, starting right at the beginning of the bike path of the strand. I will let you know for sure by the end of the day

1690 W Frontage Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91911
Start 10:30 am
San diego trading company is a good place to start. It is the very beginning of the strand. Later tonight im going to see how far the whole ride is

Are we going to charge up in Coronado?

@Indomie :eyes:

Jim is a madman, @Mikenopolis


More info like where we charging at?

Not yet…gonna ride out tonight or tomorrow morning. May not be a place to charge. Ride isnt super long but I will check out for you…

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