[Group Rides] LA / OC / SD - On Going

Just like before. Please post Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego group rides here when one has been planned/announced. Feel free to discuss routes, dates, etc

First post. 2019


Let’s do it man. Let’s get the big kids out and go fast.


Who’s up for a group ride down by the bay

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I’m down…

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@mccloed any OC rides planned?:wink:

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Ur funny… https://www.facebook.com/events/936416486706522/

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I know. Need confirmation since it’s marked as “private event” on FB.

I’m literally busy 10am-2pm that day😒. Doubt the Backfire Ranger would do too well anyway.

Ranger would only have trouble on a couple of spots. Only made it private cause it’s, like, my second time creating an event. :laughing:


Darn i’d join this if i had a board with pneumatics. I ride the floop on my bicycle once a week usually. I bet its pretty fun on a board.

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When r u riding

Not sure, most likely going to be a Saturday

It is very fun. Probably, my favorite place to ride. Don’t get the chance to do it much.

i do!

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San Diego folk… we doing a 4th of july morning group ride in mission bay! MOUNT UP!!!

De anza cove… usual apot
Meet up at around 10am, ride to the charging spot, eat a slice of pizza while the boards charge and ride back. Maybe take a few different routes than usual. :call_me_hand:t3:


@iamasalmon, @Arzamenable, @RedBaron, @anon54720240, @PatRocks

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Good evening from Germany !
I´m every month in SoCal.

Started eSk8 in April on an Inboard M1, mid April injury (not on eSk8) and since 3 weeks practicing on my Bajaboard. So far I have no board in SoCal.


I arrive the 4th at 06:30AM with AA 246 from Kona.
Have my KTM1190 at LAX, as it is free parking.

July 4th - Charge up and come up to the LAESK8 “night” ride 5pm - 9pm (Costa Mesa to Huntington Beach and back)

Meet up at Moon Park, 3377 California St, Costa Mesa, California 92626

"Welcome to the official weekly thursday night ride! Starting from Moon Park, we’ll take the Santa Ana River bike path down to the Huntington beach path, up to Philz Coffee to charge. Parking is available at the park or in the adjacent neighborhoods. Bring chargers, power strips and lights.

Route Length: 7 miles one way, 14 miles round trip
Charge Spot: [Philz Coffee]: 21010 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648"


Where’s the charging spot? I love pizza

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Charging spot right next to barefoot bar in paradise point. A little patch of grass with lots of outdoor outlets

I love riding in LA, but that fucking drive up there…
Defo down to ride mission bay on the 4th though.