GLYPHIKS - Battery building and welding service - AUS

Hey guys, I’m a battery builder located in Melbourne Australia.

Offering complete custom battery builds and p group welding for people who would like to build their own but don’t wanna fork out on a welder.

Every battery has it’s nuances so hit me up via pm and let me know your needs/wants/darkest desires and I will get back to you with a quote.

Currently can only ship within Australia.


Yes, finally! Your work is too good not to share. Will definitely be pushing people your way. Did you add yourself to the Australia Resources thread?


Cheers mate :call_me_hand: I think I’m in there, will need to add a link to here.


Hey mate, my cousin is looking to get 20kms range as cheaply as possible. We will be running one belt driven motor. What is your suggestion and price? Note hopping to get bms as well.

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I’m gonna need a lot more info than that mate!

What size motor?
What gear ratio?
What size wheels?
What type of board? (Flexy or stiff)
Size of board?
Long flat pack or short double stack?
Does he already have an enclosure? If not what does he plan to use?
Smart bms? Charge only or discharge as well?
If discharge, how many amps will he be pushing?

There’s probably more but that’s a good start.

Best hit me up in PM mate :+1:


Cheap and custom battery packs don’t mix. Just fair warning. :slight_smile:

@glyphiks just curious, how many packs have you built?

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agreed, quality work requires time. Time is money. Battery packs are a ton of work to do right. Push for a cheap pack and you’ll end up with a @dirtbag pack.

Sometimes you can get prebuilt pack from china for cheep though, I saw meepo packs on sale recently…

Good luck!


Think I’m at just over 20 packs now.

And building batteries for cheap really isn’t my thing :joy: i’m not doing this as a charity :joy:


How do you get those beautiful cut edges on those nickel strips?!!?!? Pergevtly rounded, has to be some sort of tool lol

I used to cut them with scissors, now i use the corner chompers

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Ok I have that same one but it doesnt chomp that well… maybe it does better with 12mm nickel? Il try it again lol

Yeah there’s definitely a knack to it. the radius might be a little big for nickel smaller than 12mm

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What thickness nickel do you use?

0.15 x 12


Hey mate. Single motor sk3 6374 with a mini VESC. looking for range and power. thinking 10s 4 or 5p 30q’s or something similar

will need battery and bms.

Fitting into a gen 2 bamboo evolve case. Which i can modify no problem. so pack would need to be flat.

Just wondering what your cost is to sydney shipped.

Few new ones…

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Hi, I need a battery 8P13S spot welded here in Melbourne. How do I contact you?

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Send me an email to dude with your project details

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I’m not real good at keeping this thread updated… too busy building shit :rofl: here’s some recent ones.